ChiRAQ will finish 2016 off with a LITERAL BANG: 800 murders and 5,000 shootings! {VIDEO}

This is ONE City in America folks. Since the year 2001, Chicago has had OVER 8,000 Murders AND 50,000 shootings… more than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

There’s poverty EVERYWHERE in America, there are worse conditions and far less resources in many run down rural parts of the US… yet we don’t see a “CULTURE” that resembles anything like this! And we still continue to get the same old tired excuses from the usual suspects including the ferals and ignoramuses in the film (Above).

If we only had more federal money, more gun laws, more funding for after school yute programs, better funding of the public schools, an open and honest dialogue about racism (that doesn’t include the white perspective of course), more access to public housing, upgraded Obama Phones, more hiphop ‘artists’ singing about peace, free college, free weed, legalized drugs, less police, and more affirmative action.

Fuck Parents, fuck Community Standards, fuck Personal Responsibility and Accountability, forget about embracing education and rejecting a gutter ‘culture’ that celebrates nothing but degeneracy in ALL of it’s forms.

The Answer is Simple, but the MEN don’t exist in these cities to enforce it!

4 Comments on ChiRAQ will finish 2016 off with a LITERAL BANG: 800 murders and 5,000 shootings! {VIDEO}

  1. So what’s new here?
    Fat ass women with lotsa kids, they have a roof over their head and lotsa food in their bellies, driving around in fairly new cars.
    So they are telling me they make money selling drugs because working don’t pay enough?
    So where’s all the money for buying the drugs?
    Where’s the money for the house, the food, the clothes, the toys, the guns come from?
    These people need to be exterminated, the politicians need to be hung.
    This is a direct result of one man one vote, forget all the other bullshit.


  2. All we need is a White, benign Dictatorship. Leadership, and Revolution can only come from our own.


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