The Young Turds War on Police Officers

The Young Turds are directly responsible for violence against OUR Police Officers

This terrorist group of smug instigators of Civil disorder, civil violence and racial violence must GO!

Spread the truth about who these scumbags are and what they are really about.

  • They Hate Society
  • They HATE Police
  • They Hate America
  • They Hate You
  • The only thing they want is YOUR money.
  • The only thing they like is YOUR money.
  • These blood suckers drain all they can from America.
  • Then and only Then
  • They want YOU and Your Family Dead!
  • We as men can protect ourselves, but what about our women and children?
  • The Young Turds are directly threatening Women and Children.
  • The Young Turds are putting innocent Women and Children at risk of random violence with their hatred.

Stop these terrorist Now!

  • Drive them off the internet.
  • Drive them off the streets.
  • Drive them out of America.

Let them seek refuge in North Korea

2 Comments on The Young Turds War on Police Officers

  1. Just like the sick gay Pedo-faggots in our government…, these liberal faggots will be dealt with in due time.

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  2. One thing I’ll add here is that retards like Alex Jones and the rest of the anti-cop libertoons did a lot more harm to police officers than the trash on that Young turds show.

    All this ridiculous police state shit which blanketed your everyday average officer (99% just trying to perform a job and go the fuck home without harming anyone) as a raging maniac.

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