Mall Fights Breakout in Multiple States (Day after Christmas) as ‘Teens’ cause Havoc Once Again!

Can someone explain to me the purpose of shopping in a mall? Are there really MAJOR sales there? Is it really that exciting? Is your life really that boring? And even if you’re a consumer junkie retard, haven’t you ever heard of the internet? Wouldn’t you rather avoid these “teens” and save yourself the stress and aggravation? Apparently not…

Scroll down for video coverage.

SWAT teams dispatched, families flee from ‘gunfire’ and dozens are arrested… all for the sake of a few holiday bargains: Massive brawls break out as shoppers descend on malls across the country!

  • Malls across the country were shaken by mass brawls and reports of gun shots
  • Incidents all occurred later afternoon and evening Monday in at least a dozen malls, with police called in
  • Despite multiple reports of gunfire, no police departments said weapons were found
  • No one was reported to be seriously injured; in several cases arrests were made 
  • There was some suggestion that at least one of the incidents was loosely organized on social media
  • There is no official word on whether any of the fights were connected

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3 Comments on Mall Fights Breakout in Multiple States (Day after Christmas) as ‘Teens’ cause Havoc Once Again!

  1. So what’s the big deal?
    Nothing new, some hidden hands commandeering the ticking time bomb 75 year “new Deal” with the fruits of the 50 year “Great Society”.
    Americans voted and built it for their posterity.
    Why do they act so shocked and surprised over the predicted and desired results???


  2. Judgement Day // April 26, 2017 at 10:45 pm // Reply

    Pretty surprised how many white people acted as insane as blacks. That’s why racialists, who constantly praise imaginary greatness of white race don’t get – everybody is fucked up in today’s society. Even if white will get to decide on everything, nothing is gonna change, until people will change. And they can only do it by themselves, nobody else.


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