Does Canada have it’s own Trump? A ‘Right-wing’ (by Canadian standards) politician is storming the polls!

Canada’s Trump? Right wing politician storms polls as dissatisfaction spreads in Canada.

A RIGHT-WING woman who has been likened to Donald Trump is likely be the one to fight for leadership in Canada, it has been revealed.

The Express – Pediatric surgeon and former cabinet minister Kellie Leitch is gaining support from across her Nation placing her as a surprise frontrunner to lead the opposition Conservative Party.
Ms Leitch, like the US president-elect, is railing against immigration and political elites and pushing a hard-right “Canadian values” platform.

The 46-year-old has answered rising discontent in Canada over the sluggish economy and the acceptance of 37,000 Syrian refugees.

Fresh polls show Leitch is ahead of about a dozen candidates in the Conservative leadership election scheduled to be held on May 27, 2017.

The candidate chosen by party members will be their flag bearer for the October 2019 general election, against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

In an interview last week from her farmhouse in rural Ontario, Leitch said: “Elites pretend this isn’t an issue, but Canadians want to talk about it (immigration).

“I am talking about screening immigrants, I am talking about building pipelines, I am talking about making sure Canadians have jobs, so yeah, some of the ideas and language are the same.”


Donald Trump spoke out against power GETTY

The former labor and women’s affairs minister has professed admiration for Trump’s embrace of the ordinary voter, and acknowledged similarities in their agendas.Just as Trump did not initially have the backing of mainstream Republicans, Leitch has alienated many in her party establishment who fear that she will struggle to win Canada’s urban, mainly immigrant, voter base in the general election.

One of the reasons why the Conservatives had managed to hold power for almost a decade was their successful push into immigrant communities under former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who had convinced the party that rising immigration made newcomers a must-win constituency.

Canada takes in about 300,000 immigrants every year.

A November poll by Mainstreet/Postmedia showed Leitch led a 12-candidate Conservative race with 19 percent support, and separate data showed she led fundraising as well.

The pool of candidates running has since swelled to 14, and more may join, including businessman and reality TV star Kevin O’Leary, who has also drawn comparisons to Trump.

Pollster Frank Graves of EKOS Research said the issues which caused political shocks across Europe and the United Kingdom exist in his nation.

He said: ”The type of forces driving Brexit and Trump are very much at work in Canada, albeit somewhat more muted.”

Canadians have drawn parallels between her “Canadian values” and Trump’s “Make America great again” campaign.

A practicing Catholic from the traditionally conservative, oil-rich province of Alberta, Leitch, said she has no fear of the media backlash.

Trudeau was elected in October 2015 and promised to accept more Syrian refugees more quickly than the Conservatives, who had been in power for nearly 10 years.

2 Comments on Does Canada have it’s own Trump? A ‘Right-wing’ (by Canadian standards) politician is storming the polls!

  1. I don’t know if she has what it takes to win in this nation of Puck Cucks. Although I and most in my circle agree 100% with her, I don’t see the ‘Toronto elite’, the people in Atlantic Canada, and Quebecois voting for her. Sadly I see Trudeau running this nation into the ground for the foreseeable future. And most Canadians want to signal to Americans about how ‘progressive’ they are so voting for someone who is a total 180 from Trump is likely what the special snowflakes East of the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border will do.


  2. Beware the infiltrators. She could simply be a “Puppet of the Left”, leading opposition, as Lenin said, from the front.


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