4 Chicago “Teens” In Custody After Broadcasting Kidnap Of Trump-Supporter! How will the Hip Hop DJ in the White House Respond?

After deploying US Troops on the Russian border… will he send the military in to gas the savages out of ChIRAQ?

Dont hold your breath…

ZEROHEDGE – The following video was broadcast on Facebook Live and depicts Brittany Herring and others tying-up, attacking, and cutting an unidentified white male.

As Alastair at StockBoardAsset.com notes, around the 14 minute mark, “This N*gga right here represents Trump”, said the unidentified man.

The video was uploaded to Facebook live yesterday by a user named Brittany Herring, the African-American woman who appears in the clip. The 30 minute video shows a young man tied up in a corner with blood coming from his head. The man’s mouth is gagged as thugs humiliate and abuse him.

The victim is repeatedly kicked and hit while forced to denounce white people and Donald Trump. Additional footage has been revealed…

The video has been confirmed as real, Chicago police told FOX 32 that four people are currently in custody.

The victim is repeatedly kicked and hit, his scalp is cut, all while he is tied up with his mouth taped shut.

The suspects on the video can be heard yelling, “F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!”

Community activist Andrew Holmes was made aware of the disturbing video.

FOX 32 was told the young man is now at a hospital being treated for his injuries.


We look forward to both president Obama’s reaction, which is unlikely, as well as president-elect Trump’s tweet response – which is far more likely – to this disturbing act of hatred.

7 Comments on 4 Chicago “Teens” In Custody After Broadcasting Kidnap Of Trump-Supporter! How will the Hip Hop DJ in the White House Respond?

  1. You will NEVER and should NEVER compromise with these animals.
    You must go full Roman Legion on them.
    They only stop WHEN they are stopped.


  2. From what I understand the victim was some special needs, autistic kid. This is really fucking sick shit.


  3. After reading the headline on drudge about this story I could not even finish the article. I really hope president Trump goes full Kent State on these Black Lies Matter terrorists. His first act in the White House should be to declare these thugs a terrorist organization and arrest anyone who helps aid in their activities. This would include Walmart, selling BLM shirts funds their terror and they need to be held to account other than a simple boycott.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tyler the Titan // January 5, 2017 at 12:04 pm // Reply

    Wow she live streamed committing torture on her personal FB acct. (but I.Q. Scores are racist right?)

    Liked by 1 person

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