Truth is The New Hate: Camera Action Rolling in Chi town

Truth is The New Hate: Episode #38

If Meryl Creep Cared So Much for Disabled, Should’ve Spoken on Behalf of Tortured the  Chicago Teen
6 Reasons To Boycott Hollywood Forever

1. You’re wasting your money and time on trash
2. You’re financing bunch of degenerates
3. Hollywood is full of sanctimonious entertainers
4. They’re actively shoving social justice propaganda in your face
5. Their movies are filled with dangerously flawed messages regarding sex relations

Even without the feminist agenda, Hollywood inseminates dangerously wrong ideas in regards to attracting women and developing relationships with them. Take, for example, the romantic film beloved by women: The Notebook. There’s a ridiculous scene where Ryan Gosling stalks Rachel McAdam and asks her out by threatening her with suicide. What kind of message is that sending our young and naive men who have never been taught how to court women?

In real life, if you do this to a woman to make her fall in love with you, she will call the police.

6. It’s turning people into passive slaves
Do you know where they use movies to keep people under control? Prisons.
In 1992, Newsweek reported, “Faced with severe overcrowding and limited budgets for rehabilitation and counseling, more and more prison officials are using TV to keep inmates quiet.” Joe Corpier, a convicted murderer, was quoted, “If there’s a good movie, it’s usually pretty quiet through the whole institution.” Both public and private-enterprise prisons have recognized that providing inmates with cable television can be a more economical method to keep them quiet and subdued than it would be to hire more guards.

‘Burn, Hollywood, burn. When it’s dead and gone we’ll never miss a thing.’

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