Resurgence Media Network. Who We Are & What You Won’t See Here.

The internet is great in so many ways, but not when it becomes over-saturated with ads, pop-ups, and clickbait. Three things you’ll NEVER see on this website. We are entirely supported by our loyal listeners and visitors. If you’re new to this website, continue reading to find out more about where we stand…

About Us

If you spend any amount of time channel flipping (for those of you that still have cable) or scrolling through various webpages of the internet, you’ll notice a consistent trend: The target audience is most definitely female. The language is soft, the content is feminine, the humor is lame, the narrative is politically correct, and REAL MEN have nowhere to go!

That is, until now.

Resurgence Media Network was born as an outlet for men. A new media platform that disseminates news, information, insight and commentary from a real man’s perspective. At this network we advocate a political approach rooted in populism and nationalism with control at the local level. We also advocate a return to traditionalism and patriarchy, the cornerstone of Western Civilization. Much of what the political establishment & dinosaur media has stood against for generations now.

But we’re here to bring it all back!

And the “old media” is dying… it’s dying right before our very eyes. They’ve lost the entire white male demographic between the ages of 18-50. Men are tuning out, and they’re leaving in droves, as they head to the internet. Unfortunately, when they get here, they find themselves even more frustrated because there aren’t many legitimate alternatives.

Resurgence Media Network, is that alternative. A legitimate media alternative for the men of America, and the rest of the western world. A true alternative to the main stream. At least in the way of News Coverage, Articles, Editorials, and Dynamite Radio! We’re also the ONLY legitimate media alternative that doesn’t use fear porn, that doesn’t use click bait, that doesn’t have adds or pop ups, and doesn’t push the crank shit!

Outside of a few YouTube channels, your options are severely limited. And you can’t rely on satellite radio… who are you gonna listen to there, Howard Stern & Glenn Beck? Satellite Radio blows, it’s already filled with commercials and the “talent” is horrible. And how much music can you listen to as a man?

So what are you left with…

Cable News and AM Radio? No one under the age of 60 wants to watch CNN, or Fox News, or RT, or listen some whining little bitch like Michael Savage, Sean Hannity or Mark Levin on the radio. All that shit does is frustrate these men even more. And that’s why our men go for mindless entertainment and get caught up in destructive vices… because most of what’s out there on a legitimate platform in the way of media, is garbage.

Both avenues… the main stream and alternative media is filled with shit. Most of it is lifeless, it’s humorless, it’s boring, its politically correct, and it’s soft. Very little of what’s out there appeals to men. For far too long there’s been no where for these guys to go. There’s nowhere to go for men with high testosterone, men looking for improvement, guys looking for real entertainment and media that caters to their issues. But we do.

We don’t do boring pseudo intellectual broadcasting. We’re not running a country club… we don’t feature soft spoken nice guys doing boring interviews that put you to sleep and motivate you to do nothing. We’re not chasing down phantoms and feeding you fear porn and negativity. We’re here to give you good entertainment (for once). We’ll make you laugh, we’ll make you think, we’ll keep your attention, and we’ll talk about practical common sense ideas and solutions. But we’ll also make you a better person, and a more powerful, more discipline man.

That’s why Resurgence Media exists. Because we’re tired of the softies out there. We’re done with guys that don’t talk like real men. We’re sick of negativity… the fear porn pushers and boogeyman chasers. We’re done with the other platforms! We want a return to masculinity… and a better future for our families, and our children!

And that’s what our media presentations are designed to do. To build up our men, our families, and the communities we live in. And unlike the “Old Media” (which relies on a constant stream of nauseating advertisements) we rely on you, the loyal subscriber, the men and women that are fed up with the “Old Media” to keep us up and running moving forward into the future.

You will NEVER see an add, a pop up, or any kind of click bait on this website!

We filter out all the bullshit here.

We don’t sell Fear Porn, we don’t push victimhood, and we don’t just identify problems. We put the focus on us, as men. That’s where it should’ve been from day one. The internal, not the external. Identifying a problem is great. But it’s only productive when it’s followed with practical solutions that are easy to apply and implement right NOW.

No more arguing and wasting precious time over who caused the problem. That’s an exercise in futility. Every last problem we identify must conclude with the following question: what do we do about it? This website and network is not for the hobbyist retard. We don’t want the boogeyman chasers, the cranks, the misfits, the perpetual losers and weak men over here. All those boys can go back to their favorite bitch corners on the internet. God knows we got plenty of them.

Once again, Resurgence Media Network is an avenue for real men. Sure, we’ll entertain you and keep your interest here… but in the process, we’ll work on making all of us better men. The motto of this website and network is “Making Our Men Great Again.” And that’s what we intend to do!

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