White Nationalist Alt-Light Joo Chaser Cucks, shocked by Trump Victories! They predicted a sellout all along. Admit you were WRONG!

In what seems to be a never ending effort to be brash, to be different, to be edgy, to be anti-system, White Nationalists and Alt-Light Joo Chasers have spent the better part of the last year predicting a Trump sellout. They predicted he’d keep none of his promises and that he’d be controlled by the nefarious Joo boogeyman. But so far, they’ve been WRONG about EVERYTHING!

Furthermore, I don’t give a flying fuck if he supports Israel, or if he appoints Shlomo Rothstein to a position! Most of these guys are bag men anyway. And as long as the bag man does what we want, nothing else matters. If the bag man doesn’t do what Trump wants, that bag man is FIRED and replaced by someone that will. This is the plan, and it’s EXACTLY what Trump is doing!


Just as we said he would, Trump is kicking ass and taking names. He seems to just get better and better, and more energized by the day. A 70 year old white alpha male with the energy of an 18 year old, is leading the way, showing the perpetual losers whining on their bitch corners how to win. He’s done more in his first 10 days in office, than any other President in US History! Time to own up, man up, admit you were wrong, and get behind this great man who is leading us to the promise land!

Trumps Actions so far:

He has appointed strong heterosexual men to nearly every department and position.

Fired cucked Director Of Immigration And Customs Enforcement

Fired cucked Attorney General

Has put real men in charge of the military

Has already begun attacking the dinosaur media, and has given press credentials to the alternative media.

The 1st of many Immigration Bans, starting with seven Muslim countries.

Millions of Jobs have been brought back home

Border Wall will be constructed soon

Plans in motion to renegotiate NAFTA

Plans in motion to remove Common Core

Plans in motion to completely repeal and replace the ACA or “Obama Care”

What’s coming next (predictions):

US Withdrawal from the UN

US Withdrawal from NATO

US crushes ISIS with Russia

Trump cuts foreign aid

Trump cuts welfare

Trump audits the FED

Trump orders a moratorium on all immigration for a select number of years!

3 Comments on White Nationalist Alt-Light Joo Chaser Cucks, shocked by Trump Victories! They predicted a sellout all along. Admit you were WRONG!

  1. Ah Rich you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
    Being that you are from Jersey, you are vehdy vehdy suspect.
    Actually you are starting to put out facts and sound like….well….this….klown:


  2. Even though we disagree on “spanking” gotta love that Molyneux guy!


  3. Totally agree. But there is no fun. We need to keep bitching.


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