Wild West Radio #39: Physically Remove Democrats

In this edition of WWR Tyler the Titan gets Pissed Off!

Subjects discussed are The Wall, Trump’s Immigration Ban, Refugees, Illegals, Andrew Jackson, “Women’s” March, March for Life, the ‘Gay’-Stream media, and Negotiations with the Mexican drug cartel (Mexican President)… All this and more as Trump continues to lay waste to the enemies inside the gates.



4 Comments on Wild West Radio #39: Physically Remove Democrats

  1. Great Show Bud.

    Please support Tyler’s work with a donation folks. Every bit helps and is much appreciated!

    Remember we have no advertisers, no commercials, no pop ups, no Clickbait, no bullshit!

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    • But…But….Rich….we gots ta pay all our money to reparations. Street full of white assholes who agree and cheer.
      Poor bastards are only allowed to work footy (40) hours…

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      • It’s hardly them I’m worried about.

        It’s the people on our side. The only time they reach into their pocket is to scratch their ass!

        Then call you a Joo if you ask for monetary contributions cause you don’t want to rely on YouTube monetization, ads, pop ups, and click bait!

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  2. Oy Vey No mention of Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day because others were killed too : Asked if the White House was suggesting President Donald Trump didn’t mention Jews as victims of the Holocaust because he didn’t want to offend the other people the Nazis targeted and killed, Hicks replied, “it was our honor to issue a statement in remembrance of this important day.”

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