Wild West Radio #40: Self Defense Principle

WWR 40 Topics:
Milo, U.C. Berkeley, Commie Terrorists, Stefan Molyneux, the Non Aggression Principle (NAP), Self Defense Principle, Might is Right, Terrorism: Politically motivated violence, Readiness to Fight back, Safe Zones in the Middle East to store Refugees (Trumps phone calls), Donations and Financial Support (The Value of Resurgence Media Network), Rich’s Book: Therapy For The Masculine Mind, Life ain’t all about being ‘happy’ : Fulfillment and Purpose.



4 Comments on Wild West Radio #40: Self Defense Principle

  1. Wait a minute… you mean to tell me that we can’t be happy all the time?

    I guess I should discontinue the SSRI’s and stop jerking off 6 times a day?

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  2. My response to Stefan’s lack of arguments – the time for arguing ended before he was even born:

    Post civil war depression ending with European investments kicking off a huge industrial explosion (rise of the industrial cities) to service the expanded (coast to coast) U.S. domestic and foreign markets.
    By the 1880’s, steam power had shortened the journey to America dramatically. Immigrants poured in from around the world: from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Southern and Eastern Europe, and down from Canada.
    With that mass immigration many of Europe’s worst elements drew upon our shores.
    Many were the losers or maladjustments of Europe’s brutal implementation of industrialization. I say ‘brutal’ because of the rigid class structures maintained by European elites.
    The upward mobility into a middle class and beyond was unique in America and America alone.
    Yes we went through a very short ‘gilded age monopolists’ until a great populist movement spearheaded antitrust leading into the so-called Progressive-era. The Marxist form of rigid class structures maintained by technocratic rule is a unique European bastard.

    A most turbulent era followed; Socialist Labor Party of America, resulting in The Palmer Raids, culminating with the Immigration Act of 1924.
    Then a war mongering FDR and his Bolsheviks robbed the property of the people converting America into a military economy and permanent state of war.
    Again a cleaning out of the red menace (a couple given the electric chair), but again we accepted leftist subversion of the federal government. JFK/LBJ brought the world to the brink of Nuclear War, set the country back on the path of a managed war economy, destroying all the historic wealth the nation accumulated flying to the moon, far off battle fields, and destruction of our institutions.
    They inserted a cabal of creepy slow acting poisonous leftist (lotsa jewish over representation leading the charge) in education, media, and government.
    The immigration act time bomb to forever fundamentally change the racial/ethnic cohesiveness of the society.
    Huge welfare farm and perverted feminism enslaving generations in a permanent fatherless underclass forever fundamentally changing the cohesiveness of the family unit in society.
    A government of technocrats to manage the whole mess for a oligarchical elite wedded with a military complex that sucks all creativity, resources, efficiencies from the marketplace of goods, services, and ideas.
    So many wounds to pick at on the smörgåsbord of the dying carcass of America (western civilization) garnished with victim hood and guilt using a swiss army knife of identity politics.

    How would you have gotten through the 60-70’s, a hair’s breadth away from all out nuclear war, hundreds of cities burned, hundreds of bombs exploded, sent to far off jungles of death, get back home to whole communities boarded up with a sign on the gates of industry that read, ‘We’ve moved overseas to better serve you’.
    No matter what you did or said, who would hear a damn thing you had to say or question you asked? But here you are, with a platform that reaches millions if not billions.
    You are not here to argue, talk or reason with the insane, you are here to talk and reason with the sane.
    The chunk of rot must be removed else it bring down the whole structure.
    There is no ‘nice’ way to do it, you espouse history, truth, philosophy, that right there alone documents this fact. There is no non-aggression principle without the right of self protection and survival (at least the will to survive) to enforce it.
    The non-aggression principle is a seriously flawed concept when it infringes the will of survival.
    Talking reasoning, or arguing with these insane (sometimes brilliantly insane) groups have been over for at least the last hundred years maybe longer.
    So you are not talking to them, you are reasoning with the sane to not give in to the insane, to resist, fight and ultimately defeat them once and for all. With out ultimate annihilation of Marxism (left) there will never be even a semblance of peace.
    Too many mistaken the lull in battle as a time of peace, it is only a short break when the Marxists are on their backs licking their wounds while we foolishly (mercy) help them back up. They on the other hand are more in tuned to the brutal laws of nature, once they get that boot on your neck they never let up until overwhelmed with force. Yes I understand, its hard to realize life can be as cruel as it is beautiful, but that is the ante if you wish to participate.
    God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. – Daniel Webster (1834) wasn’t meant to be a bumper sticker on a wagon.
    But then again, what do I know.

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