NYU Commie Perverts and Leftist Creeps Riot over the Appearence of Gavin McInnes. Calling him a “Not-Zee.”

Can we just get started already, and open the FEMA Camps for these psychotic schizophrenic Leftists President Trump? Can we at least just throw them in padded rooms, or put them in a fucking zoo for our own personal entertainment somewhere? Just offer them free starbucks, tofu, soy milk,  vegan snacks and a job as a camp “professor” and they’ll do it voluntarily!


Whats funny is that they’re calling a mild conservative/libertarian type like McInnes a “Nazi.” That’s like calling Mr. Rodgers a UFC Fighter!

Check out the latest videos:

10 Comments on NYU Commie Perverts and Leftist Creeps Riot over the Appearence of Gavin McInnes. Calling him a “Not-Zee.”

  1. Tyler the Titan // February 3, 2017 at 11:27 am // Reply

    At least Gavin punches back. Unlike most non aggression fag types.


  2. The only thing they are gonna understand is a crushing ass kicking ala NYC hard hats.
    Hard hats (1970) put the law down and never again a hippie protest disrupting NYC.


    • See how STOOPID DemoRatz are, the one klown was against Nixon who inherited the whole friggin JFK/LBJ mess and was elected to end the war with honor. Ending with honor meant honoring our allies, the Vietnamese who escaped the communists of the north by fleeing to the south. The klown also had absolutely NO CLUE it was the Truman Doctrine that allowed the French under the wanker De Gaulle to restore colonial rule in French Indochina that created the whole friggin mess.
      But Euro-Trash puts all the blame on America holding her nose and sticking with back stabbing European Allies.
      In the end America was left holding the bag and the bill for it all as they tried to raid our gold reserves forcing Nixon to close the Gold window that totally fucked our dollar and monetary system.
      Thanks! Europe


  3. “Ungrateful”

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  4. Killer band from Jersey.

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  5. Judgement Day // February 5, 2017 at 4:17 am // Reply

    Somehow leftist hate especially moderate conservative types, not even skinheads or KKK members. Maybe because they instinctively know that this is a gateway to real nationalism.


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