France Nouvelles fausses

Following the vote for Brexit and Donald Trump’s win, has put the role and integrity of media in the spotlight.

It has now spread to France’s presidential race

Establishment politicians and their colluding media are worried and whining.

They are still trying their old tricks of false stories and slander against smaller competition.

Now that Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front (FN), has dropped the old losing rhetoric and is appealing to the public’s concerns with a common message everyone can understand, sovereignty.

Already the internationalist and global hacks are trying to rescue the establishment.
They are attempting to silence the new media and get back the status quo shaping public opinion.

Facebook, google, with it’s leftist flunkies are attempting the strategy that has failed in America, self proclaimed arbiter of whats legitimate news and whats fake news has installed its filtering algorithms.

European elites are hoping that  without a dominant Alpha-Male like Donald Trump they can again grab firm hold upon shaping public opinion by censoring social media.

As arogant as usual they haven’t learned a thing after being burned by Brexit.

They again have under estimated the populist sentiments of a media saavy Marine Le Pen (running 30-40% in the unreliable polls that maybe in reality much higher) who seems to be holding her cards close to her vest.

Time is running out on the traitors to France, will they pull off a despicable attack on the National Front (FN)?

I guess the question we should be asking is, will it work?

Vive la France!

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3 Comments on France Nouvelles fausses

  1. Brexit and President Trump were huge surprises and a shock to the globalist elite, but a true conservative being elected in France? That would mean the end of the New World Order, there is no way it will be allowed to happen.


    • Brexit and President Trump were sabotaged and fought with everything the globalist elites could muster and they still lost.
      In France like all European parliaments are rarely won by a majority.
      If National Front can grab the lions share of the proportional representation and smaller more localized right wing or conservative parties make a decent showing, they can form a majority with immigration/sovereignty as the binding plank.
      Just Win Baby Just Win

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