Hurry Hurry The Greatest ‎Shlomo On Earth -Tearful Boy George opens up



George’s reputation was left in tatters when he was jailed for 15 months for falsely imprisoning a male escort while high on drugs.

He handcuffed Norwegian ­model Audun Carlsen to a wall in his flat in Shoreditch, East London, in 2007 and beat him with a metal chain.

Speaking about the incident for the first time, George said: “One thing people don’t know is that I was prosecuted on my own evidence.

“I sent myself to prison. I told the police why I did what I did. In hindsight I was having a psychotic episode. I was a drug addict so I can’t sit here and say my reasons for doing it were founded in any way.

“But I told the truth. I said, ‘This is why I did it. I was having a paranoid episode’. I have always denied beating the guy.”

The Freak George has never apologized to his victim and said: “I don’t think it would make any difference“.

I always felt like not talking about it was dignified“.

All of it was the drugs. There is no way on God’s earth this would happen if I had not been on drugs“.

“I kind of took responsibility but in my way. It is in my nature to spill my guts. I never really tell lies and sometimes it has worked against me.”

George ending up spending four months in prison, where he says he was the victim of homophobic attacks.

He recalled: “When I was in prison a lot of my friends blew me away. But Stephen Fry wrote to me. It was very humbling.

“I had a few altercations with other prisoners who were homophobic but it was not a shock.

“I was not scared. I made friends with people. I worked in the kitchen which was great.”

Going to jail started his road to recovery from booze and drugs.

He added: “The best thing that happened to me was getting sober.

“My friend told me to go with him to a meeting and I went and it was awful but then I thought, ‘This is where I need to be’. By the grace of God I have stayed sober.”

On drugs…

George admits to spending much of the Eighties off his face on drugs.

He had a much-publicized heroin addiction, which was costing him up to £400 a day.
George added: “When you are an addict you are so lost in what you are doing you don’t appreciate people trying to help you.

“You just think they are trying to spoil you having fun.”

[Freak Story Here]

Was it just the Drugs?

Dec. 15, 1973 The American Psychiatric Association votes 13-0 to remove homosexuality from its official list of psychiatric disorders, the DSM-II.
Then in 1970 gay activists protested against the APA convention in San Francisco.  These scenes were repeated in 1971, and as people came out of the “closet” and felt empowered politically and socially, the APA directorate became increasingly uncomfortable with their stance.  In 1973 the APA’s nomenclature task force recommended that homosexuality be declared normal.  The trustees were not prepared to go that far, but they did vote to remove homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses by a vote of 13 to 0, with 2 abstentions.  This decision was confirmed by a vote of the APA membership, and homosexuality was no longer listed in the seventh edition of DSM-II, which was issued in 1974.



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  1. Well, bugger me.


  2. Surprised he’s still alive after the abuse he has put himself through.


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