That Damn Trump Is At It Again

The Trump Train is Chugging Forward at Break Neck Speed

Fulfilling His Promise To The American People

Notice the banner at the bottom of the Video.

Immigrant workers plan strike Thursday as part of ‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest

Immigrants in D.C. and across the country plan to participate in the “Day Without Immigrants” boycott, a response to President Trump’s pledges to crack down on those in the country illegally, use “extreme vetting” and build a wall along the Mexican border. The social-media-organized protest aims to show the president the effect immigrants have in the country on a daily basis. The boycott calls for immigrants not to attend work, open their businesses, spend money or even send their children to school.

Hmmmmmm……… will they refuse to collect welfare and all other tax payer funded benefits also.
I am sure the trade off for that one day will take America out of the red and into the black.

1 Comment on That Damn Trump Is At It Again

  1. “A day without Immigrants”? We can at least breathe fresher air for a day, then.


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