PTD Radio: Episode#87 – “Very Fake News.” Sign Up & Listen Now!

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #87

“Very Fake News”

On this edition of PTD Radio, I talked about the challenges and struggles of writing a book, Tyler the Titan killing it, Germany and their “Defense” Minister (a fucking WOMAN) warns the United States and Trump about shitting on NATO and the EU, should we side with Russia or Germany? Do we really have “shared values” with Germany?  Older American “men” with NO Testosterone. Are they possibly far worse than the youth? Trump slams the Very Fake “News” Media. And finally, I previewed chapter #25 from my new book: Therapy for the Masculine Mind.”

Thank You, to those of you who’ve bought it already. You’re the Best.

The MP3 Download of this show is posted in the PTD Members Section.




4 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#87 – “Very Fake News.” Sign Up & Listen Now!

  1. Yup, Germany better man up or fuck off, and don’t dare ask US to help you out of that DEEP smelly friggin Merkle hole you dug yourself in.
    Glad you mentioned the furious Dad, Taking back America?
    It’s at our finger tips, it all starts in the home.
    Still gotta get to your book buddy, but trust me it’s on the short list.

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  2. Oh, and by the way, this is the kind of stuff that can at the very least get the country more physically fit. I mean, if those wacko leftist cunts heard this kind of stuff, they’d be marching for a lot longer than a day.

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  3. Tyler the Titan // February 19, 2017 at 8:26 am // Reply

    Another week another great PTD!
    Looking forward to getting those books in the mail.
    Reading and physical training two of the main missing links with men of today.
    And half of the fags that are reading are probably stuck on Harry Potter and 50 shades of Gay.


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