China to Trump Let’s Deal

Chinese officials attending a conference in Germany blasted U.S. moves to pressure North Korea with sanctions and military maneuvers.

U.S. President Donald Trump has called on China to get tougher on North Korea, and this month promised to deal with the country “very strongly” after its latest ballistic missile test.

China’s move to ban all coal imports from North Korea, effectively slicing the country’s exports by about half, came with a message to the U.S. and its allies:

It’s time to do a deal.

You can bet your ass President Trump will not be giving away the store like the cucks of past administrations.

it’s important to remember who armed North Korea with nuclear weapons in the first place – namely the U.S. government and the CIA.

Both the Clinton and Bush administrations played a key role in helping the late Kim Jong-Il develop North Korea’s nuclear prowess from the mid 1990’s onwards.

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld presided over a $200 million dollar contract to deliver equipment and services to build two light water reactor stations in North Korea in January 2000 when he was an executive director of ABB (Asea Brown Boveri). Wolfram Eberhardt, a spokesman for ABB confirmed that Rumsfeld was at nearly all the board meetings during his involvement with the company.

Rumsfeld was merely picking up the baton from the Clinton administration, who in 1994 agreed to replace North Korea’s domestically built nuclear reactors with light water nuclear reactors.
Clinton policy morons claimed that light water reactors couldn’t be used to make bombs.


Not so according to Henry Sokolski, head of the Non-proliferation Policy Education Center in Washington, who stated, “LWRs could be used to produce dozens of bombs’ worth of weapons-grade plutonium in both North Korea and Iran.

This is true of all LWRs — a depressing fact U.S. policymakers have managed to block out.

The U.S. State Department claimed that the light water reactors could not be used to produce bomb grade material and yet in 2002 urged Russia to end its nuclear co-operation with Iran for the reason that it didn’t want Iran armed with weapons of mass destruction.

At the time, Russia was building light water reactors in Iran.
According to the State Department, light water reactors in Iran can produce nuclear material but somehow the same rule doesn’t apply in North Korea.

In April 2002, the Bush administration announced that it would release $95 million of American taxpayer’s dollars to begin construction of the ‘harmless’ light water reactors in North Korea.

Bush argued that arming the megalomaniac dictator Kim Jong-Il with the potential to produce a hundred nukes a year was, “vital to the national security interests of the United States.”

Bush released even more money for the same purpose in January 2003.

Bush released the funds despite the startling revelation, reported by South Korean newspapers, that a North Korean missile warhead had been found in Alaska.

[You can thank Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for North Korea’s nukes – Read here]

This is just one of the many “inherited messes” of the past 25+ years President Trump referred to at his press conference on Feb. 16.
According to who President Trump warned as the enemy of the American people, the press, President Trump was ‘again’ whining and throwing around warrantless exaggerations as a cover for his ‘out of control‘ White House.

As Usual President Trump’s assessments and no fucking around tactics are proven to be correct for the, gee I’ve lost friggin count of the number of times.

Beijing still wants to bring Kim Jong Un to a negotiation table, and that’s where the U.S. role lies because the collapse of the regime is right now outside China’s realistic capacity to handle.

[Story Here]

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