White House Deputy Chief of Staff and #NeverTrumper Source of LEAKS

Reince Priebus is part of this.

Just last week he tried to deny that Obama loyalists were behind the leaks, thereby giving himself an excuse not to go after them, even though it’s been reported by Breitbart’s Matt Boyle that he has a list of the 50 most dangerous Obama loyalists in the intel agencies, but has sat on it and basically hid it from Trump, thereby leaving these enemies of the administration in place to continue their efforts to bring Trump down.

And these loyalists just vowed Friday to escalate, promising that Trump would “die in jail.
And Reince is running around denying these people even exist.
It’s almost as if Reince sees his job as getting rid of Trump in order to put the far more establishment-friendly Mike Pence in place.

And now this……………

Reince’s #NeverTrump Deputy Chief-Of-Staff Katie Walsh Fingered As Saboteur Leaker: “Madame President


Everyone knows not to talk to her in the White House unless you want to see it in the press,” says a source close to the president. “The only question is whether or not she’s doing it at the behest of [White House Chief of Staff] Reince Priebus or if she’s doing it to advance herself in DC media circles.

One source in particular stands out: Walsh is close to Maggie Habberman, a New York Times reporter who wrote fawning pro-Republican National Committee stories during the presidential election.

Walsh has also planted stories in The Washington Post and Politico.

Walsh is referred to as “Madame President” in the White House, says a senior aide. “It isn’t a compliment.

Throughout the 2016 election, Katie Walsh worked as the chief of staff of the Republican National Committee, functioning as Reince Preibus’ second-in-command. She helped secure financing for Republican candidates up and down the ticket.

RNC Fake Polls Warned of a Trump Loss

During a RNC briefing before the election, it was Katie Walsh who presented her internal data showing that Donald Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton by 30 Electoral College votes, Walsh said at that meaning that Trump still had a pathway to victory even though he was down in the polls and in their model.

Walsh originally started at the Republican National Committee in 2013, and later that year she became the RNC’s Finance Director. According to the Trump transition team, Walsh helped the RNC break several financing records.

Walsh is an only child from St. Louis, Missouri, and she graduated from George Washington University in 2007 with degrees in finance and marketing.

Katie Walsh’s first exposure to the world of politics came in 2000, when she was a high school intern for the re-election campaign of Senator John Ashcroft, Republican from Missouri.

That was certainly an interesting election to start with, as it’s one of the only major elections in recent memory where one of the candidates died prior to Election Day. Ashcroft was running against Democrat Mel Carnahan, who was killed in an airplane crash on October 16th, two weeks before the election.

Walsh was hired as the finance director for the 2007 long-shot campaign of actor and Tennessee senator Fred Thompson.

Walsh told Cuckservative media outlet The Hill that the Thompson campaign exposed her to elements of campaign finance she would have otherwise never been aware of.

Later that year, Walsh became regional finance director for the McCain campaign. And during the 2010 and 2012 cycles, Walsh worked for the National Republican Senatorial Committe. She joined the RNC the following year.


Katie Walsh is one of three women who a key role in the Trump White House.

First there’s Hope Hicks, Trump’s press secretary during the campaign and another behind-the-scenes operative who is rarely heard from but who Trump may not have been able to win without.
Hope Hicks became the White House director of strategic communications in the Trump administration.

There’s also Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager from August 2016 until Election Day. She is the first woman to ever run a successful U.S. presidential campaign, her role Trump in the White House is of counselor to the president.

Then there is Katie Walsh, who followed Reince Priebus from the RNC into the White House to be Donald

Trump’s new deputy chief of staff.

It reminds of the mistake Richard Nixon made when he brought the Batman and Robin Team of Henry Kissinger and George H.W. Bush with all their fleas into the White House.
There were so many damn leaks Nixon had to contend with and plug up he was successfully painted as a paranoid vindictive bully and ego maniac.

Hmmmmmmm………… sound familiar?

But, WTF do I know? I’m just a guy from Jersey with a GED.

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2 Comments on White House Deputy Chief of Staff and #NeverTrumper Source of LEAKS

  1. Tyler the Titan // February 19, 2017 at 8:31 pm // Reply

    Fuck we need to get this article to the Trumpster


    • I’m confident President Trump is on it, we must remember the so-called left and so-called right share the same dance card. Trump has so many traitors trying to thwart him, so important new people get in the system to clear these blood suckers out.


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