Dalai Lama is oppressive

California needs money, California is broke, the final straw becoming a sanctuary state.
The cost of expansive welfare, illegal immigrants, high crime, corruption, mismanagement, environmental zealotry, over regulation, high taxes, has killed tourism and forced businesses to leave the state in droves.

President Trump threatened to end past practices by the federal government’s taxation of the nation to continue paying for la la land’s Dystopia.

This has forced California to rethink and reshape a sustainable economic future drawn upon it’s talents and values.
A committee of the best minds in the state met and brainstormed, after a long deliberation beget a uniquely Californian solution.

They decided to become the protest center of the world, holding national and international protest from around the world.
No matter the cause, beef, demonstration, revolution, bring it to sunny California.
With it’s rich diversity supplying ample manpower, first world infastructure facilitating looting, rioting, burning, bombing, even something as simple as a sitin or a march, California is open for business.

Students at the University of California, San Diego are protesting an upcoming visit by the Dalai Lama – claiming the Tibetan leader is “oppressive”.

Dalai Lama-Peace Sign

Chinese students are leading objections to the event, which will see the Dalai Lama give a commencement speech on graduation day.

They have claimed that his presence is offensive because of his campaign to make Tibet more independent – contrary to the Communist government’s position that Tibet is a region of China under their control.

A Chinese student who wished to remain anonymous offered a possible insight into the outrage, explaining that Chinese media routinely disparaged the Dalai Lama during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, accusing him of causing riots, murder, and looting in an effort to divide the country.


It was Mao’s goal from the moment he came to power. Tibet “is strategically located,” he said in January 1950, “and we must occupy it and transform it into a people’s democracy.”

He started by sending troops to invade Tibet at Chamdo in October 1950, forcing the Tibetans to sign the 17-Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet, which ceded Tibetan sovereignty to China. Next, the People’s Liberation Army marched into Lhasa in 1951, at the same time — in disregard of the Chinese promise in the agreement to leave the Tibetan sociopolitical system intact — smuggling an underground Communist Party cell into the city to build a party presence in Tibet.

The trouble actually started in the Tibetan regions of nearby Chinese provinces — Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu, home to about 60 percent of the Tibetan population. When the Chinese Communists forced collectivization on these Tibetan nomads and farmers in the latter half of the 1950s, the results were catastrophic. Riots and rebellions spread like wildfire. The Communists responded with military force, and there were terrible massacres. Refugees streamed into Tibet, bringing their horror stories into Lhasa.


Meanwhile, Mao was preparing his military and awaiting the right moment to strike. “Our time has come,” he declared in March 1959, seizing on the demonstrations in Lhasa.

About 10,000 Tibetans — entire families with their livestock — had fled to the hills there to escape the Chinese. At Drongthil Gully, the Chinese deployed six ground regiments, including infantry, cavalry and artillery, and something the Tibetans had never heard of: aircraft with 100-kilogram bombs. The few Tibetans who were armed — the head of a nomad household normally carried a gun to protect his herds — shot back, but they were no match for the Chinese, who recorded that more than 8,000 “rebel bandits” were “annihilated” — killed, wounded or captured — in these campaigns.

After conquering the city, China dissolved the Tibetan government and — under the slogan of “simultaneous battle and reform” — imposed the full Communist program throughout Tibet, culminating in the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region in 1965.

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  1. Judgement Day // February 23, 2017 at 11:39 am // Reply

    Victimization cult is key feature of communist ideology. There always, ALWAYS have to be an “oppressor”!

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