Wild West Radio #44: Hate and Death

WWR 44

Tyler The Titan takes a break from political news and talks about some more philosophical subjects: “Hate: what is it good for?” Considering Death, Internet Use, Defeatist Attitudes, Reading Books: [Therapy For The Masculine Mind, Who We Are, Conscious   Conception], Dispicable Leftists, Trumps Speech to Congress, VOICE, Republican dissent, #WeakWhiteMen, Spiritual Backbone, Academia and Intellectuals: the scum of the Earth, Build your own Myth



2 Comments on Wild West Radio #44: Hate and Death

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    Thank You!!!

    Please support Tyler’s work.

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  2. The Titan is taking a pretty big lead out there
    Almost daring them to pick him off
    The pitcher glances over, winds-up and it’s bunted
    Bunted down the third base line
    The suicide squeeze is on
    Here he comes, squeeze play, it’s gonna be close
    Here’s the throw, here’s the play at the plate
    Holy cow, I think he’s gonna make it

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