2 Comments on Old Dinosaur Media Finally Exposing Elite Pedophile Rings?

  1. Hey Rich! Can you talk more in the podcast about your evolution as a man throughout the years? I’m interested to know how did you came to certain conclusions regarding masculinity. For example I recall you saying that you started to wake up when you were 24 years old in about the boogeyman problem but did you have the same views about manliness and taking ownership of you own destiny before that or did you realized that after? This is just one topic out of many that you can think of regarding your evolution. You can make many podcasts about it.
    I’m also interested in knowing more about bodybuilding. How long did it took you to get in the shape you are now. I’ve put into practice some of the advice you gave in your videos and while I had certain results( losing fats and gaining muscle) I’m still far away from having the same amount of muscle as you have or the body shape I want and I guess it will take years of workout to get there as I don’t do any physical work besides training at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I also recall you saying that you played American Football when you were in high school, that means 2 decades physical activity.


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