When it FINALLY ends upon YOUR own doorstep

Oh there’s a housing shortage, no jobs, the weather’s not pleasent, OH!PLEASE! DON’T COME HERE!

There is no state’s right issue here at all, Vermont MUST become a sanctuary state.
All those illegals WILL eventually be given legal status anyway and fit in just beautifully with ‘civic nationalism‘.
Your faux cry ‘we’re broke’ is totally disingenuous, hell the whole country is fukin broke.
You are attempting to rally a very thinly disguised racist, white supremacist, argument against Vermont blending into a brown utopia with all the benefits ‘civic nationalism‘ offers to all (illegal or not).
Your only concern is in Vermont remaining a large majority white area of the country.
That is totally against the national trend and future of a healthy, prosperous, brown country of ‘civic nationalists‘ that you yourself argue for with a false bravado disclaimer ‘I don’t care it doesn’t personally affect me‘.
Your ethnostate you wish to deny others MUST END, it must heel to the results of libertarian values we all hold so dear, even when those results FINALLY end upon YOUR own doorstep.

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