Yes Folks it’s suicide

No Bogeyman No Minorities No Women it’s White men

It is the glorious Aryan man who is wholly responsible for this fucking mess.

Two Rockville Md. High School students accused of raping a 14-year-old classmate in a school bathroom

The victim told police she was walking in a school hallway on March 16 at about 9 a.m. when the two male students approached her, according to charging documents. Montano asked her twice to have sex, and after she refused, he forced her into a boys’ bathroom and then into a stall, according to police.

The student told police that Montano and Sanchez raped her multiple times, according to the court documents. She cried out in pain and repeatedly told the two students to stop, she told police.

Forensic investigators said an inspection of the boys’ bathroom later turned up suspected blood “that may be mixed with male fluid,” the court documents stated.

The crime, which took place some 20 miles from the White House in a school district where many members of Congress and federal officials live, comes amid heightened scrutiny of undocumented immigrants. Last month, President Donald Trump directed the Department of Homeland Security to create an office tasked with focusing on crimes allegedly committed by undocumented immigrants.

In a story that has garnered national attention, Sanchez-Milian, 18, is accused of participating in the brutal rape of a 14-year-old girl in the bathroom of Rockville High School in Maryland. Both of the alleged rapists are illegal immigrants.

Henry Sanchez-Milian, was released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainment because ICE does not have enough resources to handle the influx of illegal immigrants pouring into the country.

Sanchez came to the U.S. illegally from Guatemala in August and was stopped by federal authorities in Texas, but after spending 12 days in detainment, ICE made the decision to release him.

He was stopped at the border and detained by ICE. He was detained for 12 days, but then ICE made the discretionary decision to simply let him go.

The fact that one of the suspects was evidently in the country illegally had no bearing on how the school system treated him, and that the incident wouldn’t change the school system’s policy on such students going forward.

“It is not only the right thing to do and the good thing to do … it’s also the law of the land,” Dr. Jack Smith, Montgomery County Public School superintendent added, citing Plyler v. Doe, the 1982 Supreme Court case that struck down a state law denying funding for education for children in the country illegally.

The rape of a 14-year-old girl inside a Maryland high school, allegedly by at least one much older illegal immigrant, is stoking anger but having little effect on local politicians committed to so-called “sanctuary” policies.
Montano and Sanchez were both placed in with much younger freshmen classes, 13-14 yr old students.
The question remains, are Montano and Sanchez even older than they claim to be?

Aryan men (maybe we can get away with this one too blaming Christianity if that fails we’ll blame Boomers) are climbing over themselves to take this case Pro bono and defend these poor brown men who were lured by a 14yr old slut, quenching her thirst for violent rough sex with a gang bang in the school bathroom in the middle of the afternoon.

Rape is Tolerated but NOT Racism, Oh Hell No

Hey DumbAss so-called White Nationalists and Boogeyman Chasers, YOU and YOUR Aryan Übermensch are the ONLY problems.
YOU for letting them in charge and again YOU for shirking the responsibility of being in charge.

3 Comments on Yes Folks it’s suicide

  1. Judgement Day // March 27, 2017 at 11:54 am // Reply

    Cucks are starting to fight back though…


  2. L7 greatest band // March 28, 2017 at 3:06 am // Reply

    Look I support the whole politically correct (relatively speaking) approach to appeal the the every day guy and I’m not asking for that to be changed as it has it’s place, but the bashing of White Nationalism is uncalled for. The miserable fat fucks drinking themselves away at football games, the people paying for cable television (or watching television in general), etc are not White Nationalists and white nationalists hate them just as much as you do. I get why you “snapped” with the WN community, the nerds and geeks one gets exposed to can be overwhelming and make you lose faith in the very concept, it’s true that sad people are naturally going to be drawn to such communities because from their perspective, it’s a community where the only thing they have to be to gain acceptance is white (which is the only thing a lot of these guys have going for them). But this is because people forget that a factor of White Nationalism/Nationalism (which is the same thing if one understands the definition of Nation) is improvement as well as preservation of European people (Nationalists have been advocating for Eugenics since the 1930s). The only thing necessary to keep out the nerds and geeks is emphasis on physical strength (and IMO rejection of online pop culture). The Golden One, The Northern Brothers, Varg Vikernes etc aren’t cucking out there message they’re merely using a proper approach as these guys are attracting quality people (and a much higher percentage of female following). Meanwhile pol stormfront, the Daily Stormer etc are attracting only the lowest of “men” and zero women (as women are repulsed by them), and I’ve always said that while ((((they))) want to wipe out Europeans because of their racial potential as a whole, if every European was of the same quality of your typical pol/Daily Stormer reader (((they))) would not only not want us gone but would go out of their own way to preserve us and encourage us to reproduce (you’d have Jews cockblocking blacks and wing manning white is bars), hell, we probably would have been conquered and enslaved by aboriginal Australians if we where all of that quality. Stop dwelling on the negative, I work in a different neighbourhood every day and while it’s made economically difficult to have children, I still see dozens of quality white people with kids every day


    • We must straighten our own mess before we point fingers at any other race, WN community in particular has been a hindrance with all the excuse making and calls for non government participation while still a majority, then sit and bitch.
      That is not only suicidal but downright idiotic.
      The above example of the white cucks at that school board is a perfect example.
      Varg Vikernes ???HUH??? The guy has finally run out of others to blame and called out our own behavior but is again backsliding with ‘it’s civilization’.HUH???Last I checked, Neanderthals were wiped the fuck out 20,000 years ago.

      Guys like Dion Clark and Doom Guard just come out and say they want and are prepared to make a area segregated for Europeans only. No big convoluted bed time story or thesis of justification or pleading, now even though I disagree and agree with much of what they say, THEY SAY IT without dancing like a klown or a ever changing blame game. I want it and am prepared to take it, hey can’t get any straighter shooters than that.

      All men of all races gotta pick up the dropped ball again, then and only then can we turn this thing around.


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