United Airlines Gets Snow Flaked In Chicago

You know your nation has a low IQ problem when you hear another passenger ask in the video, “Can’t they rent a car for the pilots?”

Hey Doctor, if you really need to GET BACK don’t fly economy.

Everybody wants to fly cheap with out the short falls that come with that economical scale.
Everything about how each passenger bought their ticket is embedded in something known as the “passenger name record.
This information includes how much money went into the airline’s coffers, as opposed to a travel agency or web hub, how often you book with the airline, and whether you generally book late, or on discounted fares.
All this, goes into determining who is asked to leave, and how much effort goes into getting you on another flight promptly.
Though we’ll probably never know, the doctor in the video probably got a pretty good deal on his seat.

In the videos taken Sunday by passengers, Dao refuses to give up his seat. He screams as a Chicago aviation security officer begins pulling him from his seat, and Dao’s head strikes an armrest before he is dragged down the aisle by his arms, seemingly unconscious.

United has said that the incident came after the flight to Louisville, Kentucky, was overbooked and airline officials asked for volunteers to get off the plane. When none of them did, the airline told four passengers who were selected at random that they had to get off the plane.

John Klaassen was on the flight, headed back to Louisville from a mission trip in Greece. He was sitting in the row in front of where the incident occurred. He says an United employee boarded the plane and told passengers they needed volunteers to make room for airline employees on standby.

“They said that they had four airline United personnel that needed to get to Louisville … She said that they were going to force people off the plane,” Klaassen said.

Three passengers selected to exit the plane, but the fourth refused. United called the airport police, who came aboard the plane and dragged him away.

“He said that he had patients that he needed to see in the morning, that he was a medical doctor and that he could not miss this flight,” Klaassen said. “The next thing you know, they are forcibly removing him from the plane.”

          David Dao, passenger removed from United flight,  now in spotlight

Dao, who went to medical school in Vietnam in the 1970s before moving to the U.S., has worked as a pulmonologist in Elizabethtown but was arrested in 2003 and eventually convicted of drug-related offenses after an undercover investigation, according to the documents filed with the state board of medical licensure.

The licensure board documents allege that he was involved in fraudulent prescriptions for controlled substances and was sexually involved with a patient who used to work for his practice and assisted police in building a case against him.

Dao was convicted of multiple felony counts of obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit in November 2004 and was placed on five years of supervised probation in January 2005, according to the documents. He surrendered his medical license the next month.

The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure permitted Dao to resume practicing medicine in 2015 under certain conditions.
Dao is permitted to practice medicine ONE DAY A WEEK.
We won’t even get into his career as a high stakes gambler.

Dao, his wife and two other passengers were asked to leave the aircraft because the flight was full and four crew members needed their seats so they could be in Louisville the next day for a “downline connection.” The airline had offered compensation worth up to $800 for passengers to give up their seats, but no one took the offer.

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12 Comments on United Airlines Gets Snow Flaked In Chicago

  1. You hear the fat pig yelling, “oh my gahddd” “look what you’re doing to that man.” I wish it was her fat ass! Everyone thinks they’re entitled to do whatever the fuck they want here. If they ask you off a plane, you get off and handle the situation after the fact. You don’t fight and resist security! Why is this so hard for the fat assholes in this country to understand???

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  2. Snow Flakes are all having a That Time of the Month, Bloody Outrage


  3. Doctors and hospitals overbook patients routinely, and make you wait 2 hours in a crammed room filled with violently sick people and shitty magazines. People who are sick get turned away, or forced to leave because they don’t have the time to wait all day long. BTW… this dick head on the flight “Dr. Dao” was convicted of trading prescription drugs for sexual favors not too long ago.

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  4. United Airlines seems to be a danger to passengers.


    • It’s the other way around, passengers commit to the airlines agreement and conditions. When you invoke that agreement they scream like a pussy, bump their own damn heads, need to be dragged off your fuckin multi million dollar equipment, delaying it from producing much needed revenue in a 24/7 time/schedule intensive transportation sector.
      I hope the little scam artist gook fuck gets charged under some new arcane homeland security law then sued for lost revenue and defamation of the corporate brand.

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      • What would be better for everyone is that an airline should reserve the standby (I read it somewhere) seats for their employees BEFORE boarding and avoid the drama. Doing things out of order usually leads to unforseen consequences. Asking passengers to unboard should be left for the extreme cases.


      • They probably could’ve handled it a bit better, but it was clear that guy was mentally unstable. I’d love to see the interactions before the drag off.


      • 102,465 flights per day carrying 1.73 million pain in the ass passengers flying per day.
        Between weather, a multitude of complex equipment, human error, criminal/terror, and acts of god.
        This self perpetuated event by a scheming, scamming, little feminized gook, is gonna define the aviation transportation sector to a weak cucked mind only.
        With everything that goes on with just one flight let alone the annual millions, and the multi millions of passengers, is it TOO MUCH for ONE pussy rioting gook to behave like a small child at the least??????


  5. United Airlines is not public transportation, it’s a private plane, if this was in Eastern Europe, they would’ve cracked this guys head open for being a complete asshole.

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  6. BTW they offered up an $800.00 refund, before this guy acted like a cunt.

    I would’ve gladly taken the $800.00 and hoped on the next flight, free of charge, rather then fight with security. This guy was/is clearly a fucking idiot.

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    • I think the guy who is a professional scammer knew what he was doing, presented with a physical removal play it up for a little more cha-ching.
      But he knocked his own ass out then really panicked.


  7. Joe this is the perfect example of what’s wrong with America…. it’s the “people that currently live here.”

    Everyone thinks that they’re entitled to act like children, kick and scream and cry (wherever they are) until they get what they want!

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