More Chaos on the Tarmac. Orthodox Jew delays flight for over an hour because he wanted all the TVs switched off!

A flight from Kiev to Israel was delayed for more than an hour on Thursday night after an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man insisted the overhead television screens were retracted or turned off.

In keeping with traditional religious teachings and practices, the passenger argued that he did not want his children to watch any TV or films during the flight with budget Israeli airline UP.

Despite his verbal protest, flight attendants were unable to adhere to the man’s request and they issued eye masks instead.

He refused to sit down and according to Horsky every attempt by the crew and passengers to convince the man to take his seat just seemed to make matters worse.

In a caption accompanying video footage posted to Facebook, he wrote: ‘The plane, which was already on the runway, returned to the gate.

‘The door was opened and an El Al (the parent company of UP airline) security guard boarded the plane. After much pleading the “righteous man” agreed to sit down.’ SOURCE

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