Bill O’Reilly and the End of Boomer Conservatism!

Published on Apr 21, 2017 – Richard Spencer discusses the Bill O’Reilly sex scandal, the bleak future of FOX News, and how O’Reilly came to define an era of Baby Boomer conservatism.

3 Comments on Bill O’Reilly and the End of Boomer Conservatism!

  1. Well, Richard is not the sharpest tool in the shed, from a comfortable upbringing not wanting for anything he has spent most of his life going to school.
    He is one of a long line of ‘intellectualist’ who has never created anything of value, never performed any actual work. You would think Richard would know 50-60yrs is not a ‘baby boomer’, there is no such thing as ‘boomer’ conservatism. Conservatism was destroyed in the 70s-80s by NeoConservatism and evangelicalism that gave us Reagan and the Bushes.
    Most of today’s so-called conservatives think Reagan was not only a conservative but a conservative god.
    Ronald Reagan and The Great Social Security Heist- read here

    It was a culmination of the post draft (1973) drugged up slugs who grew up in the 70’s marching on campuses, grew their hair long listening to faggot ass European rock music you couldn’t dance to and dedicated themselves to a selfish hedonistic lifestyle.
    When the hottest degree was a MBA that got you on wall street selling debt instruments, stock manipulation, and joining a new corporate world spewing undefinable terms and gibberish such as ‘vertically integrate markets’, ‘human resource’, ” Varieties of Employee Ownership” usually , a 401(k) plan or a restricted stock plan, that would be brutally ravished in mergers and high leveraged buyouts, cashing in on “downsizing” to a more efficient just in time lean production system, contracting and temporary work, Japanese “Kanban” , “outsourcing”, all run by bean counters and management guided by stock options outfitted in golden parachutes.
    You do remember Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and the gospel of ‘creative destruction’, oh I guess you were still in short pants in your career of going to school much too busy to notice.
    After they stole everything that wasn’t nailed down with their old British Empire style inversion of Mercantilism into ‘free’ trade Globalism’ with ‘diversification’ (just another form of monopolistic capital cronyism) to consumerism importing consumer based products while exporting products by industries tied closely with and supported by the military (Military Industrial Complex) such as aircraft, Gems, precious metals, Optical, technical, medical apparatus,Mineral fuels including oil, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, and Organic chemicals.
    Oh yeah, American culture, hollywood entertainment and paper pushing financial services, you know the kind that grows bubbles like the 1990’s bubble that blew out the economy out in 2006.

    So No Richard there hasn’t and isn’t any ‘conservatism’ in America, part of conservatism has always been self sufficiency and that we surely haven’t been in a very long time.

    As far as Bill O’Reilly, never watched him, never knew anyone who did, wasn’t even aware he was ‘big’, only that he was a klown, I always thought if you wanted to see klowns you went to the circus.


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