Seattle {land of the white trash scumbag} Antifa warns whites in the city not to date or reproduce!

Continuing from our previous story below about the shooting in Fresno and about anti-white bias in the media. I want to bring this up some more about the actions of Antifa/ARA especially their recent antics in Seattle Washington.

Its an incident that should be making headlines, a racist attack on white people. A gang of marxist terrorist hoodlums putting up flyers warning white people not to propagate their race. The language of the posters clearly threatening, telling whites not to date white not to propagate, had this been any other group the media would be doing headstands.

Unfortunately the media is largely liberal and like all liberals, white people, white Christians especially are a threat to humanity. It also teaches that Whites are the only people in the world who are capable of aggression and violence.and that everything wrong with the world is because of white people.


Gee… Who’d have thought.

So no surprise, this vicious evil hate crime has been buried. No word, no mention. Except for alt-right websites and a few other places.

Emerald city ANTIFA(which stands for anti-fascism yeah right)is part of Anti-Racist Action, a movement of communist radicals who target mainly the Nazis but have also begun targeting conservatives especially veterans and Trump supporters. They have also claimed responsibility for murdering veterans and Trump supporters and for starting riots.

ARA/Antifa are worse than thugs, they are a Marxist street gang and a terrorist group. They are also anti-white. This kind of crap that went on in UWashington is disgusting and hardly legal. Had this been done against any other group the media would be having a fit and there would be marches and even riots in every major city in the country. Instead the media in the weeks before the shooting in Fresno spent its time attacking white people in light of Donald Trump’s election.

You may recall last year I did an interview with two of them in a Chicago Mall. Coffee With Communists: Who they are and Why They Kill received thousands of hits, it was read by David Horowitz, Joseph Farah and a few others, Horowitz Emailed me a month later congratulating me and chiding me for being crazy and foolish for risking my life. One of the boys was an admirer of Stalin and a criminal, the other openly gay and hostile to the rich. Both hated the USA both hated whites and Both wanted Alex Jones killed. The Chicago Police Department also chided me as being crazy, citing that I could’ve been killed at any time by these dangerous thugs.

Now, Emerald city Antifa ARA are denying it thanks to exposure on Alt-right media. According to their facebook website, ARA/Antifa denies handing out the posters claiming that it is a conspiracy to smear them. On their website they said you can date whoever you want.

But the truth is that Anti Racist Action is very very hostile towards white people in general. When I sat down and interviewed two of them in Chicago, they made it clear that they are not only anti-american and anti-capitalist, they are anti-white and will do anything they can to wipe out and exterminate white people and stop white people from breeding.

That’s not all, Kyle Weissman, eminent historian and contributor to Mainestategop and the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets did an interview with one of these antifa racist hoodlums in Denver Colorado Rocky Mountain Antifa. This after I received numerous threats over my interviews exposing antifa ARA for the hypocrites and monsters that they are. The threats came from Three particular chapters of ARA/Antiifa, one was in Boston, another in Manchester and another in Berlin New Hampshire. These same hoodlums attacked our meeting in Southern New Hempshire at a hotel conference room years back and caused it to be shut down along with other attacks in Portsmouth when we had meetings there

Many threats I got came from Rocky mountain Antifa. They were also the only ones willing to talk. Kyle Weissman met with one of their members who was very very interesting. The man let it be known in the interview that white people had to die yet himself was white. He stated that whites must become extinct either through murders and terrorism or race mixing. This man again was white but like the rest of ARA/Antifa which is also mostly made up of whites, they detested themselves.

He was also a communist and he was a Muslim.

We’ll share you this amazing story later on. Kyle did the interview with him in Downtown Denver at a small restaurant about a week ago. Stay tuned will tell you more about it.

But back on track, this is just disturbing and the only thing more disturbing is the fact that not one media outlet is covering this story. The liberal media I swear would be doing cartwheels and backflips had this been an incident telling hispanics or blacks or even gays not to marry or propogate. Imagine posters saying “WERE WARNING YOU! GAY MARRIAGE IS EVIL AND DONT DATE!!”

Guarantee you, the media would have a field day and the posters would be wall paper on all the networks.

But posters threatening whites they’ve been warned not to breed or date? They wont touch it.

Even Fox News wont touch it. Just ask poor Bill O’reilly. No pun intended.

But all is fair against white people. Kill white people and the media will leave you alone. Tell whites to stop breeding and no one will say your bad or evil or racist because only whites can be racist in liberal land.

Anti-racist Action antifa are guilty of promoting the exact same fascism and ideology that they claim to want to fiight. They are not anti-fascist, they are anti-American and anti-humanity. meanwhile, real fascists and Neo-Nazis get their kicks and are aided and comforted by this hypocrisy and these evil doers. SOURCE

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  1. The future Revolution will be via ” Trained Hands ” .


  2. guy who was killed by Muslim who hates White people was an antifa

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