“L’habit ne fait pas le moine”


The Rothschild establishment’s candidate, Macron, who was for some time the dark horse of the pre-election race, has emerged in the forefront of a new financial scandal. The “Mozart” in the financial sphere, as he is often called in the French press, might be implicated in the illegal “lobbyism” of the interests of a globalist monopoly. While working in the Rothschild Bank, Macron met representatives of the largest multinational corporations. For example, with Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, the former CEO of Nestle. The 9 billion euro deal became the debut of the young investment banker. The deal was shady, but for the time Macron figured out how to get away with it.

At the same time, he met and started cooperating with the head of Le Monde. He became close friends with Pierre Berger, who is the largest shareholder of the Le Monde publishing group and who is also known as a homosexual (He is a husband of the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent). This friendship would be the key to Macron’s presidential election campaign: the largest liberal publication Le Monde is presenting a positive image of Macron and waging a cruel information battle against Macron’s rivals in the presidential race: Le Pen and Fillon. The union of big money, the homosexual lobby, and powerful media which produces a flow of fake news, has become the common way of the globalist elites’ strategy. And Macron plays by these rules.

In August 2014, Macron left his work in the Rothschild Bank and took a position in the Ministry of Economy and Finance of France. Macron sold the airport of Toulouse-Blagnac to China, simultaneously declaring that this would not lead to the privatization. But, within just one year, privatization happened. No hard feelings, it’s just business.

Around the same time, the technocrat Macron promoted the takeover of SFR corporation by Patrick Drachi’s Altice group. The merger of corporations was initiated by the banker Bernard Murad from Morgan Stanley Bank. By the way, today Murad is a key figure in Macron’s electoral headquarters. This incorporation led to the dismissal of several thousand employees. But, as they say in capitalist society: the optimization of resources comes first!

In 2016, as a the Minister of Finance, Macron met with the bosses of French start-ups in Las-Vegas. The visit was organized by the Havas group, represented by Yannick Bollore. Once again, Macron’s friends got preferences without any tender. Coincidence? I think not.

Macron also took Jean-Jacques Murad (the brother of the banker Murad) into his pre-election headquarters. He lobbies the interests of the Servier pharmaceutical laboratory. Earlier, while he was working in the Ministry of Finance, Jean-Jacques Murad saw through transactions in favor of this laboratory to the tune of more than 80,000 euros. Interestingly enough, Macron’s current electoral program contains a special point about the necessity of increasing the budget for drugs that lower high blood pressure. Now, guess who is the monopolist in that sphere of pharmaceuticals? Yes, Murad’s Servier!

Another interesting fact about Macron’s campaign is its estimated value at 17.5 million euro. Without being a party, the movement does not receive any subsidies from the government. So, where did the money come from? 6.5 million, according to the reports, are donated, but where did Macron take the other 8 million? Macron keep on saying that he is an independent candidate, that no one finances his movement. But all the evidence indicates that the young banker is not forgotten by his old Rothschild patron. Macron’s regular meetings with bankers show that the money of the world’s liberal elites is concentrated behind this young globalist.

So, whose interests is Macron lobbying? Just by analyzing his biography, it is clear that he speaks on behalf of the globalist monopolies, transnational or even anti-national corporations, and global homosexual lobby.

A lobbyist of the unipolar world, Macron has the most powerful tools to influence voters: he does not get off the TV screen, the media writes about him in a positive way, he is far from scandals, and his shady deals and dubious erotic life are hidden from the eyes of the people. How lawful was the lobbying that he carried out during his tenure as Minister of Economy? No mainstream media dares to highlight this matter except some journalists from independent press such as TV Libertés. What is this Rothschild’s puppet hiding?

There is only one answer: Macron is a phony candidate who represents the interests of no society or class. He is merely a comely manager hired by the globalist elite.

Julian Assange has reported that WikiLeaks has compromising dirt on Macron. But for now we have to wait. There will probably appear more shocking facts of corruption and manipulation much more destructive for the French Republic.

“L’habit ne fait pas le moine” –    “The vestment does not make the monk.”
The English equivalent would be, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Macron is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who represents the interests of the Deep State and is ready to establish the neoliberal world order.

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Who is Emmanuel Macron?

A Macron presidency would generally be a continuation of the status quo, with a nod to the progressive currents emerging in the US and Britain.
In February, he condemned France’s colonial legacy in Algeria as a “crime against humanity”, earning rebukes from many on the right.

Nevertheless Macron stood firm, apologising only for the offence caused and not for the actual comment itself.

His sober brand of politics, youthful looks, and the implosion of competitor Francois Fillon’s campaign have seen him rise to about 27 percent in the polls – enough to secure him a place in the second round.

OPINION: Can the Muslim vote sway the French elections?

However, his challenge remains in energising an increasingly apathetic electorate, for whom his centrist platform offers little else but an alternative to Le Pen.

As an economic liberal, he has fiscal policies that differ little from the economic consensus built in the decade since the global crash that started in 2007.

On the European Union, Macron is also an unashamed supporter, a standpoint likely to cost him votes on both the Eurosceptic left and right.

If Macron can convince the large apathetic segment of the population that he offers more than just not being Le Pen, there would be little standing in his way to taking up residence in the Elysee Palace.

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The man who could become the frontrunner for the biggest job in the country if he wins the first round of the presidential election this Sunday is also known by another name: “chouchou”. It translates as “teacher’s pet”.

Aged 39 Emmanuel Macron is handsome and intelligent and as well as making political headlines is also, along with his glamorous, chic wife Brigitte Trogneux, a frequent cover star of France’s most stylish magazines.

So why the nickname? It comes from the fact that wife Brigitte is not only 25 years older than Macron – but that she used to be his high-school teacher.

The pair met when Macron was 15 and a pupil at the Jésuites de la Providence school in Amiens, northern France. Madame Trogneux – then known as Brigitte Auzière – was his literature teacher and ran the theatre club. She was also a 40-year-old married mother of three one of her daughters was even in his class.

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Seriously Folks, do you think for a moment Charles Martel would have a chance in today’s France Politique ?

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