Wild West Radio #51: School Sucks


In part one of this edition of Wild West Titan talks about why he and his wife are not interested in paying for the new schools in our area: Why homeschooling? The important open seat in Congress for Montana: Let’s get another Trumplican in there! In part two Titan drives the final nail in the crucifixion of Christianity and discusses the great listener comments from last weeks show.

Part one: School

Part two: Religare



3 Comments on Wild West Radio #51: School Sucks

  1. Appreciate the talk on home schooling. It’s a great alternative for those who have horrendous local schools

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  2. Reflections On European Mythology is a must read. If you have not read it yet, I’d say you probably don’t need to because your accuracy is amazing. I will take that as motivation to articulate our natural religion as well as you do. Natural laws have to be the basis of any intelligent and regenerative paganism, alignment with those laws is the key to cultivating the best racial peculiarities and finding spiritual honor.

    “The European religion is not just our religion; it is the quintessence of the European man! The mind and spirit of Europe! Without the European religion the European man is like a computer without software (e.g an Atheist), or with software that is not or only partly compatible with the hardware (e.g buddhist) or even with malicious software (like a virus( working to destroy everything inside (e.g christian or muslim). He is not working properly, if at all, and he will crash. Re-boot if you like, every time you crash, but be prepared to crash again and keep crashing until you remove all viruses and install the right software. You can. Everything you need is here, in this book.” page 58-59 Reflections On European Mythology by Varg Vikernes.

    “From the moment we open our eyes we are bombarded with lies, and much is done to lead us away from our roots. Everything seems to be better than our own roots, according to those who rule, and everything is okay – even Satanism – as long as we don’t find back to our roots. Yes, you can even worship the fictional devil if you like to, as long as you don’t pay any attention to the gods of your forebears. For anything in this world, they don’t want you to find back to your roots!” page 71

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    • Tyler the Titan // May 1, 2017 at 7:47 pm // Reply

      Thanks buddy!! Ironically I ordered that book and his other a few days ago, looking forward to seeing them in my mail box. Not many people truly understand the depths of scientific knowledge contained within our ancient “religions”
      What is now known as esoteric or occult has only become that way as a means of preservation: to prevent the knowledge from being completely eradicated by the church and other parasites.


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