Hussein Obama’s left over ‘black guard’ on College Campuses demand the firing of white professors!

Racist black college students demand a white professor be fired

If today’s college student is any measure of how they were raised, a big lot of them were brought up to be demanding, coddled and in charge of the household. These overgrown brats are now out in the real world wielding their self-perceived power and putting their colleges on notice that it’s their way or the highway.

Sociology students, alumni and “allies” at Pomona College did just that in an open letter to the Sociology Department, Dean of Academic Affairs and the school President. They unequivocally demanded the college rescind its offer to hire the white “racist” and “unethical” sociology professor, Dr. Alice Goffman. To show just how serious they were, they demanded the college turn the reigns of hiring over to them to hire a professor who is color-appropriate and more to their liking.

(Excerpt) Read more here…

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