PTD Radio: Episode#98 – “One Step Forward, Ten Back.” {FREE SHOW}

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #98

“One Step Forward, Ten Back”

On this edition of PTD Radio, I talked about how we progress and improve as men by simply tweaking the diet and supplementation process in response to a listener email. I continued my discussion on the failures of public education along with the damaging impact of cell phone addiction. The failure of America’s leftist dominated cities. Sick liberal faggots in Seattle. Diet Soda and White Privilege. And the so called “migrant crisis” in Italy taking a positive turn? The MP3 Download of this show is posted in the PTD Members Section.

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2 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#98 – “One Step Forward, Ten Back.” {FREE SHOW}

  1. Hey Rich, can you talk about financial management and stock market investing in one if your podcasts. I’ve noticed you linked to several sites( zerohedge and stocktwits) and I also remember you saying that you like zerohedge. Also what do you think about facebook stocks? I’ve read that they are very undervalued but at the same time we all know that they waste money on their leftist agendas. Would you invest in such a company?


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