*Updated Version – PTD Book Release: “Therapy for the Masculine Mind.” Read the Lulu Book Reviews reposted here…

The book is now on sale gentlemen. It’s now available in print as a soft cover paperback edition, PDF file, with an E-Book coming soon. The Audio Book (with my personal narration) will be released in a few weeks. This book KICK’s THE ASS of any book released from our perspective in decades. I poured countless hours of work into this project. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank You to those who’ve bought it already. You’re the Best.




By Mephitz Apr 20, 2017

No excuses, no boogeyman or impenetrable control system that dooms you to having things be as they are… no, this book has none of that. Men hold the force that makes or breaks great societies and its on men that the author places the blame. The blame for our degenerate and dying Western “civilization” that promotes victim mentality, dependence on government and as Richard says, tons of sick fag shit. American politics, race, masculinity, history, culture and much more is discussed from an American nationalist perspective. The stories are funny but best of all is the anger that is rarely expressed by men today, you can feel it coming right off the pages, and all of it made righteous by the fact America has become dysgenic, lacking in national identity, multiCULTural and with an increasingly easy to control population of obedient consumers. What part of this is therapy? The part where Rich lays down his case as to why America (and the West) could be made great again, through the will of the right kind of men. Men who will never acknowledge political correctness, the lie of equality or the idea that some external factor is at fault for the softness we allow to corrupt our lives. Being spectators of history,watching the decline of our families, friends and communities while feeling the expansion of our fat asses isn’t the kind of future the folks at Resurgence Media want and you’ll find plenty of practical advice on health, relationships, power, strategy, and success to prevent that “future” from happening. Tells you what he thinks without care for your feelings, vitriolically slams the nonsense ideas of masculinity that are promoted today and gives you solid reasons to get your act together. The writing is never boring nor does it feel forced, you get the sense that it was written with full presence of mind. Its funny, its angry, and it leaves you feeling as if you’ve just had that conversation with a wiser man who ruthlessly points out your flaws without holding back, and that’s precisely why you appreciate that type of man-talk, the brutal honesty is priceless. Buy this book!

By Pete Celiente Mar 15, 2017

This book is dynamite. Highly recommend buying this for young men in their late teens, 20’s, and 30’s. Rich does a great job of tying in politics, culture, history, sports, relationships, and real life experiences to make this an easy and entertaining read.
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By James Trentacost Mar 15, 2017

1st non-fiction book I’ve read in a while. I’ve been a PTD Radio member from day one, and love this guys message. After every show I’m motivated to do something productive with my life. This book is no different, where each chapter works the same way. I really enjoyed the chapter about American Nationalism, which rekindled a spirit in me lost long ago. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.
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By Steve Mar 14, 2017

Just got this bad boy in last week. Rich does an equally good job on the book as he does with his weekly radio podcasts. A lot of the material in this book has been covered in prior podcasts, but it’s still throughly enjoyable to read. If you have sons, nephews, a college kid next door, get this book in their hands.

By Michael Mar 9, 2017

A book with a very positive, optimistic message in a world that often looks the exact opposite. Very easy, quick, fun read. I finished the book in 4 days. This is definitely a political read, but it’s far from your standard boring racial realist or rehashed Rightwing drivel.

By Travis Becker Mar 9, 2017

Based off previous reviews, I purchased this book and upon reading the 1st chapter I couldn’t put it down. This book is very easy to read. It covers a wide variety of subjects and the Author does a good job of relaying his message in a palatable way. The book does have A LOT of vulgarity but it’s a book clearly written for adult men, and young men that can handle it. After reading each chapter, you’re given a sense of urgency and motivation to change negative aspects of your life. I highly recommend this book.

By Chris Feb 23, 2017

Been following his radio show for quite awhile back when he started with his cousin. This book is a great read. Give it a shot. Keep up the great work Rich.
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By Matt Janikowski Feb 23, 2017

In the age of TRUMP this book couldn’t have come out at a better time. Excluding Eastern Europe, the countries of the old soviet Bloc, European man has most definitely been plagued by modern liberalism, multiculturalism, democracy, and feminism. This book clearly zeros in on the main problem. Western Man himself. But it doesn’t fall short of a fix. Every chapter concludes with viable solutions, that mostly start and end with ourselves. This is a positive, motivational type read. Not a pessimist, doom and gloom narrative. Highly recommended for young men especially. Excellent read.

By Ryan Collins Feb 23, 2017

This guy is great. I first heard him rip on RedIce radio. Just got this in yesterday. This is truly an easy, but great read.

By Bryan Renolds Feb 17, 2017

Rich doesn’t pull any punches here. He aims for the throat and demands that our men do the same. I’ve only sampled the 1st chapter (which was great) but if the book is anything like his radio show, you can expect nothing but hardcore manly stuff. I’ll put up more when I finish the read.
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By Tyler Gisleson Feb 17, 2017

One of the most important books of our time, a call to action to our men to become Men again and reclaim Western Civilization.
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Therapy for the Masculine Mind

A real man’s guide to successfully navigate, triumph and conquer in the modern world.

By Richard Thomas


Preface… 5

#1 – Why We Fight… 9

#2 – The Weak White Male… 21

#3 – The Fall of the West… 32

#4 – Finding Purpose in Life… 38

#5 – A Love Affair with History… 44

#6 – Excuses or Ownership… 61

#7 – Constant, Instant, Gratification… 69  

#8 – The Feminization of Sports… 76

#9 – Culture… the Ultimate Reflection of a People… 83  

#10 – It’s time to Aim for Power and Success… 89

#11 – Connecting the Mind, Body, & Soul… 98

#12 – Nice Guys DO Finish Last… 123

#13 – The Trump Movement… 141

#14 – Making Our Men Great Again… 158

#15 – It’s not the System, It’s You… 189

#16 – Our Cultural Revolution… 212

#17 – American Nationalism… 230

#18 – The New Right… 245

#19 – Will the America We Love Survive… 265

#20 – Does the “Truth” Matter Anymore… 278

#21 – White Suicide, not Genocide… 291

#22 – Race in America… 305

#23 – Therapy for the Masculine Mind… 321

#24 – Ending the Dysgenic Nightmare… 331

#25 – Reestablishing the Hetero-Patriarchy… 337

*Author Notes… 352

*Author Biography… 355

*Core Ideas of the PTD Program… 358

*Why Power Through Discipline… 360

Chapter #1 – Why We Fight?

“Better to Fight for Something, than to Live for Nothing”

-George S. Patton

Life is filled with challenges and struggles. The history of life on this planet is a history of species struggling to survive.  From the minute we enter and exit the womb it remains with us, as a constant, permanent fixture in this world. But in a strange way, it makes life interesting. It fills us with purpose.

Why struggle or challenge yourself in the gym, in the classroom, on the ball field, through a relationship or a marriage, or even complete a fucking crossword puzzle for that matter? Without the presence of struggle, the fulfillment and joy you gain from a personal or collective victory, is never as rewarding.        

So therefore our instinct to fight and struggle through challenges is not only entertaining and purposeful, it’s primordial. And how you navigate yourself through it, often determines your level of success in life. Embrace your challenges and struggles in life, and conquer them with a positive attitude.     

Bitterness, pessimism, negativity, and complaining will get you nothing in this life. People don’t want to be around losers. They only want to be around winners! They want to hear something from someone who has something to offer them, and has a bit of positivity about them. Who the fuck wants to be around some asshole that mopes around with his head down all day long?

No one respects or values the presence of some weak fag that has an excuse for everything! They don’t want to hear about what someone else did to you, your bad luck, or how bad you have it here. No one has time for that shit! No one likes it. No one respects it. It’s weak, it sets you back, and it should NEVER be a part of your approach in anything you do in this life.  

Modern men fall victim to this far too much. Especially in the way they view, and deal with the opposite sex. They fail to realize that courtship is also a struggle. Attracting a mate is a challenge. Some call it the chase or the game. Because that’s EXACTLY what it is.

Proving yourself worthy of companionship is the first part. You have to give a woman a reason to want you. If you’re a grown “man” with a bird-chest, built like an 11 year old boy, chances are… you’re not gonna get laid! If you’re some BIG fat sweaty fuck with pizza sauce on your man tits, you’re not gonna get the time of day either. You have to prove yourself worthy of a mate.

Once you prove yourself worthy, the second part is maintaining that relationship which is an even greater struggle. Nothing comes free, nothing comes easy, and anything that does, NEVER satisfies you in the end. Always remember that. And never compare yourself or what you might have, or might develop with someone else’s failure.   

Many men wait too long to find a partner or get married. Even though we technically have time on our side (when compared to that of women), the older you get, the harder it gets. Yet many men will put it off, and point to people they grew up with, who are in miserable, unsuccessful marriages. They’ll point to unwanted children and resentful mothers that use everything and anything they can against the man.  

They’ll point to infidelity, arguments over money, and a general expectation of men being miserable in their marriages. The one thing they’ll hardly ever point to however, is the man himself! Nor will they ask the question: How did it get to this point, where so many western women seem to be psychotic and out of control?

I think we all know about the effects of feminism on the west by now, dragging women out of their natural roles, which we’ll get into in a later chapter of this book. But it’s much more than feminism and it’s far more than women themselves. After all, women are but a mere reflection of the men that surround them!

In order to truly understand the problem, we must take an honest look at our own men, and what they’ve become. Take a look at what passes for a father today? Sure, many of these men are providers, they feed and put a roof over the heads of their children, but something is missing, something is clearly wrong.

They’re not turning these children into healthy, proud, responsible young adults. They’re not raising and cultivating young men; they’re raising and cultivating boys. They haven’t molded our boys into the men that we need today, to save our lands and our civilization.

In fact, it’s even worse than that. They were the enablers of our enemies. They themselves were poor examples of men. They laid the foundation for much of what we have today. They were “men” who let their children hangout inside of the house all day long, and didn’t make them work for anything in life, that didn’t teach them the value of hard work and accomplishment.

They rarely (if ever) showed any interest in our incredible history, nor defended our traditions, or raised their kids to take an interest in them. Ask the average white male a basic history question, and wait 3 seconds for the blank stare.

They embraced degenerate music with their kids, and got strung out on drugs and alcohol. They told their kids about how they got drunk, and how they got high, and how they fucked all these skanks in high school to develop some kind of weird friendship and understanding to bridge the age gap. Everyone knows at least one jerkoff that would rather be a “friend” than a parent.

As a result, our children turned to men that play a child’s game for a living. Idiotic low IQ athletes were turned into role models and mentors for our young boys, instead their own fathers. After all, fathers were way too busy after work. In the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s there was way too much TV to catch up on. Who had time for parenting?

A man’s place at home, after work, was on the lazy boy in front of the TV. For 50 years they sat in front of the television for hours on end and never took an active role in the education of their kids. They didn’t act like real men.

They let their women make all the decisions for the family. Including putting them in charge of the finances??? WTF is that all about? Countless married “men” that I’ve encountered have handed that responsibility over to their wives. You ask them about a money situation, and they’ll say I don’t know, ask her, pointing to his wife?

This was, and this is the “man” that this country produced for generations now.

I’m not sure when it all started precisely, but I suspect it started on the coasts with the so-called “counter culture movement” in America during the 1960’s.

My father was raised in the 1960’s. He grew up dirt poor, he was raised by women, sharing a house with four sisters and his mother, as his father wasn’t in the picture.

He was set up to fail, just like a lot these kids are today, that don’t have strong male role models in their life. I was one of those kids, but there was one thing that saved me, and that was my Grandfather!

This was truly a Great Man. The best man I ever knew. My Grandfather died when he was 90 years young. I say “young” because even though his body was shot at that point, his mind was sharp as hell, all the way up until his death. This was a man’s man by every definition of the word, a true hero in our family, the most important person ever to enter into and influence my life bar none.

Needless to say, his death really took a heavy toll on my life.

This was a guy who came from a hard working Italian immigrant family that arrived here in the 1920’s. He and his four brothers grew up real hard in “Hell’s Kitchen” on the Westside of NYC, during the depression era. These people didn’t have shit! They worked like dogs and were treated worse, but they persevered and made it through.

My grandfather started out as an Ice man, he used to deliver blocks of ice up the floors of tenement buildings so he could get a nickel as a tip. When he wasn’t working he played stick ball, the only game city kids played at the time. My Grandfather was a hell of an athlete. Many folks said if he wasn’t so damn poor, he could’ve played professional baseball, who knows?

What I do know is that when he used to take us to the batting cages as kids, he would turn heads. Why? Because he would slap on a helmet, grab a bat, any bat, and hit the shit out of the ball (every ball, missing none) in the 80 and 90 mph cages. At nearly 70 years old! While I was off with my brother, hitting in the 40 mph cage. People would come up to us and say, what is your father crazy? I’d say no, that’s my grandfather! The reactions were memorable to say the least.

But a professional sports career became a definite NO, when he was drafted to fight in World War II. Like so many other poor folks… he got sent off to Normandy to fight in Roosevelt’s War. He eventually got shot and hit with shrapnel in the back, and experienced horrifically terrifying encounters on the battlefield. But like so many other men, he bottled them up in silence, and lived with it the rest of his life, after returning home a decorated veteran of the war.

For a long period of time, my pregnant Grandmother Mary (Mimi as we called her) was informed that he was missing in action and everyone thought he was dead. But he made it through and became even harder when he came home and fathered three children here, my mother being his last!

He started his working career after the war driving trucks for a welding supply company. after a few years of working his ass off, he learned the ins and outs of the welding business, bought out his boss, took over the operation and built up a fucking GIANT here on the East Coast (Airdyne Industries) becoming a very wealthy man.

My family grew up very well off because of it. But my Grandfather didn’t play games with people. He was big, strong, powerful, athletic and competitive as hell. It seemed like he’d rather die than lose! He wouldn’t even let us win a round in ping pong as kids.

He spoke with a real loud strong tone, and when he walked into a room, everyone noticed him, everyone was quiet (especially his employees) and everyone genuinely wanted to hear what he had to say. That’s the kind of power he had. That’s the kind of man he was.

And he mentored all of us to be like that. We all worshiped this man, my entire family and everyone that knew him. But even with all this influence and power, he never lost sight of where he started, his humble beginnings, along with his compassion and concern for other human beings.

My Grandfather took a deep concern for other people, he was extremely charitable. I can remember sitting at a diner with him one morning and we had a mother (probably in her 40’s) as a waitress. She looked tired and worn out, but was clearly working very hard. We were there for some coffee and eggs, maybe we spent 20 minutes there, but that was enough time for my Grandfather to see himself at an earlier age (and his hard working parents) in this woman.

So he pulled her aside when we left, gave her some words of encouragement, and left her $100.00 tip! On maybe a twenty-dollar check. This is the kind of guy he was. He tried to bring out the best in everyone. He understood the importance of the family unit, and how crucial it was for the betterment of society.

This is where we need a lot of work today. Especially with young men in their 20’s and 30’s. Many of them have not embraced the idea of family and fatherhood. They drag their feet, avoid a relationship, and occupy most of their time playing video games and jerking off to porn.

I think a lot of this is attributable to seeing far too many of these poor pathetic half dead married slobs out there, who mope around all day long, complaining about their wives, their kids, and their sexless marriages, as they look for validation from other weak men in a similar or more pathetic arrangement with the opposite sex.

The media loves to stereotype this guy as the standard married man. Some miserable, beaten down, stupid fat fuck with a dark cloud that just seems to follow him around everywhere he goes.

And so it becomes the norm for young men, who as a result, avoid meaningful relationships. A society of pathetic, single bachelor types, who haven’t caught a fucking handjob since the 8th grade!

That’s where we are now, and that’s where we’ll stay if the men don’t see the era of their ways. Each generation will become softer and more feminine over time. As our kids continue to grow up in a society with an overflow of confused, depressed, and emasculated “men.”

Men who often miss out on (or delay) the fulfillment and joy of being married and becoming a father for the 1st time. Nothing makes you happier, nor changes your outlook on life and your frame of mind like getting married and having your 1st child. These are the most life changing events you’ll experience.

Being in a “successful marriage” is another thing that brings genuine gratification to your life. It even gives you a sense of accomplishment, believe it or not. That purpose, that drive, that challenge, and that struggle we all need in this life.

I’m in a successful marriage myself with a beautiful wife who I’m madly in love with. And we have the most beautiful children I could’ve ever imagined having. But this is what inspires me, this is what drives me to work harder, this is what gives me purpose, and this is why I fight!

Is it easy? No. Does it require considerable sacrifice on our part? Yes. But once you get yourself adjusted properly, and make a few lifestyle changes, it gets easier with time.

Financially it’s always struggle. But when is it not? Everyone thinks they’re broke. The feeling is if I only had another $10,000 dollars we’d be ok. If I only had another $20,000 dollars we’d be ok, $50,000, or $100,000… it never fucking ends! “Financial Security” is a relative term anyway.

What does it even mean to be secure financially?

I’m in the heart of Northern New Jersey. The basket case of the United States!!! I sure as fuck don’t know what it means? You think it’s easy to survive over here? They tax you to breathe in this state. Try paying my fucking bills every week, and deal with the white liberal assholes over here on the east coast!

This shits not easy! But we power through it, and see a lot of other young couples here doing the same. Are these people perfect, and are the women in these marriages flawless? Absolutely not! No one is, but we can’t be so damn picky when we’re looking for a mate.

Men that continue to do this will all be crying out there holding their dick in their hands until they’re 40 years old. And by then it’ll be too late. If you’re still a single dude out there, is that what you want? A fucking bachelor life so you can play video games all day long, jerk off 6 times a day, have no responsibilities and act like a fucking retard?

Is that the kind of man you want to be?

If that’s what you want, then you’re the real problem here. Not some nefarious boogeyman or some feminist bitch. It’s you! You’re an immature asshole.

Immature assholes love to scapegoat and make excuses for their own personal shortcomings and failures in life. They do a great job of pointing out destructive behavior because they’ve already mastered it. They have a doctorate in it!

This is why they often stay with a pessimistic, negative attitude. Because they never man up and they’re sexually frustrated!!!

If this is you, to any degree, shake yourself out of that state. This is all part of the human condition, whether it’s sadness, sickness, hopelessness, pessimism, negativity or depression… whatever it is, you can’t stay there!

You have to aim for power, and you have to develop hardcore discipline. You have to become that guy that everyone else wants to be. That guy that woman want!

Train like a warrior, eat like a warrior, think like a warrior, and live like a warrior. The warrior women are dying for!

Drop the nihilism, get rid of the apathy, and rip through those chains of defeatism.

If you want your civilization back, if you want your manhood back, if you want a return to father knows best, a patriarchal society, you’re gonna have to fight for it.

And that means demonstrating “power through discipline.”

Keep your fucking head up, shoulders back, don’t play the nice guy everyday of your life, get off your goddam ass, and start becoming the powerful man you were destined to be!

11 Comments on *Updated Version – PTD Book Release: “Therapy for the Masculine Mind.” Read the Lulu Book Reviews reposted here…

  1. Nice Rich! Looking forward to it… I’m sure it’s going to be packed with great insights, humor and inspiration…keep it up!


  2. Looking forward to this Rich, the artwork and chapter titles look fuckin great! Good Luck with it Bro.


  3. Tyler the Titan // January 22, 2017 at 8:23 pm // Reply

    Absolutely love it man… A truly enjoyable read! The message comes through real clear and it’s fun and easy to read. Can’t wait!
    Every man in my family will be getting one.


  4. Looks awesome. BOL with it Rich!


  5. Thanks guys, I’m having a hard time condensing the chapters, but it’ll get done!


  6. hmmmm……….so thats the first chapter, some might think its radical for todays young men in reality its the gold standard for all of time.
    Wish I’d met your grandpa, but then again, maybe I did.


  7. Tyler the Titan // February 16, 2017 at 11:00 pm // Reply

    Exciting man! Congrats on getting it done so efficiently! I think it’s gonna be a game changer for our side! Let’s pump this book to the New Right.


  8. Judgement Day // February 24, 2017 at 8:51 am // Reply

    Unfortunately i haven’t got the book yet, but from readings from broadcasts it sounds really fantastic!


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