Wild West Radio #53 part three: Opiate Epidemic

WWR 53 part three

In the final part of Wild West #53 Titan talks a bit about upcoming plans for WWR and then segways into a discussion on the Heroin/Opiate epidemic in this country and how it’s roots are deep within Big Pharma.



2 Comments on Wild West Radio #53 part three: Opiate Epidemic

  1. Please clue us in on facts to your claim the church snuffed out these ‘miracle’ medicines.


  2. Tyler the Titan // May 18, 2017 at 12:28 am // Reply

    They’re no more a ‘miracle’ than the miracle that we exist. They just happen to be here with us as a measurable part of nature that can be used to put our bodies into balance. Most Pharmaceutical drugs are synthesized chemicals based on the constituents of plants created only because you can’t patent a plant and get rich off of it. The pharmaceuticals throw our body out of balance because we aren’t able to recreate nature without perverting it.

    As far as the church goes: maybe I’m wrong about this Joe but I’m pretty sure it has mainly been the institution of Christianity which has been busy eradicating the Nature Based Religion of Europe since its inception. The destruction of all of our temples, libraries and the forced conversion to Christianity.
    The torture and burning of all who dare practice the old ways and keep the True meanings of our high festivals etc. The murder of healers and holy people for “Witch Craft” and “Devil Worship.”

    If these things are not true then there are some seriously dissenting views of history which can’t be reconciled without a fucking time machine.

    ,But if I ever discover that this (that I see as a logical conclusion) is untrue I’d be happy to admit it, as my honor would not allow me to uphold a lie.

    Perhaps you view herbalism and the polytheistic religion of our ancestors as superstitions or old fashioned ‘hokey’ kind of voodoo hippie shit or something…? But they are not and the same knowledge (in principle at least) is buried under veils of your religion as well because of the fact that these principles are inseparable from the European people no matter how much they try to burn it out of us.

    It is possible that whatever information about history you wish to present to me could alter my opinion or even make me change my mind completely (I’ve changed my mind on a lot of things over the years, and had to be humble about it) But in my wildest imagining I really can’t see how LOL.

    I would never want to take your faith away from you but the church has been systematically removing mine for a couple thousand years now.

    All of this in Good Will and the sake of learning Brother!

    Much Respect!

    I look forward to whatever you got for me…


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