2 Comments on “Summer of Rage” Leftist Cry Baby Faggots Planning Mass Riots in July?

  1. From outsite the “ring”, it looks both pathetic, and mildly entertaining. Pres T, is doing most of the damage himself, without paid terrorist students and public job assholes, rioting in the streets.

    One: He’s making damaging deals with the Saudi arms thing.

    Two: His business holding/shares with the US arms company, is obviously going to haul him out
    of his long-term debt to New York’s dark masters. He will be seen as yet another greedy traitor.

    Three: He’s not working fast enough, to build the wall, and produce even half the things he promised.
    At this rate, the Komrades of the Ratchilds, will have Hellerry or snother shill, installed by 2020.


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