Historical Rebuttal Part-1

Christianity European Religare

The Empire may be gone, but, Rome is still with us today.
In our political, law, economic, and educational institutions.
Whether it is said in admiration or conspiratorial terms,
Western European Civilization largest influence has been shaped by the Romans.
The good the bad the ugly of Rome, some would say in equal portions.
When things are good, “When in Rome, do like the Romans”.
When things are not so good, “all roads lead to Rome”.


Although Romans were a pragmatic bunch that rose by merit among other empires.
During the Republic Roman elites in extreme emergency practiced meritocracy only among themselves and only temporarily allowing a dictator.
Once the emergency subsided they went back to their exclusivity of cronyism and rent seeking.
Despite this, a few extraordinary leaders were able to build Western civilization upon the dependable strong backs of Europeans.
Today we are still Plagued with the lack of meritocracy moving even further away, added is the fatal disease of dysgenics that will without a doubt destroy not only the civilization but also the race.
Identifying the cause rather than the symptoms will be explored at the end of this series.


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