PTD Radio: Episode#100 – “The Century Mark.”

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #100

“The Century Mark”

On this edition of PTD Radio, I talked about the speedy and public death of Fox News. Did Globalism and Off Shoring really destroy America’s inner cities, as the Libertarians would have us believe? Why are so many inner cities bombed out shitholes? More fucked up stories in the world of “education.” Is homeschooling really the answer? The Trump Budget proposals and more…  The MP3 Download of this show is posted in the PTD Members Section.

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4 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#100 – “The Century Mark.”

  1. There are 62 agencies and programs Trump wants to eliminate.
    Trump’s Education Budget Cuts $10.6 Billion In Federal Programs , 22 federal education programs would be eliminated, oh the children……sends Pocahontas in a Tizzy Warren on the warpath.
    FED school budget is $82 Billion….BUT….. We spend over $946 Billion on education (bulk of spending rests with the states) which dwarfs even the military budget which includes veteran benefits, retirements, the whole kit and caboodle.
    $10.6 Billion cut sending it back to the states to choose if they want to pay for those programs instead of being forced by BIG GOV gun at your head.
    But……but………da chillins……….whadabouda chillins???……..the HORROR!

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  2. Tyler the Titan // May 29, 2017 at 1:34 am // Reply

    Great show bud! Happy hundredth! Definitely moving in the Right direction, we are just getting started here politically.

    I mentioned to a liberal broad today:”hey how about that election? Gianforte body slammed his way right in there, eh? (Just to rub it in a little)”

    And she says “Oh what are we teaching our children?”

    Me: “ummm to physically dominate the enemies of the people… Sounds right to me.”



  3. Have you talked about the 2nd and the Founders’ position on the need for militias? Do you think that could be sold to the Trump voters?

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