Merkel says Germany can no longer count the US as an ‘ally.’ Good… Fuck Off!

“Europe’s destiny is in our own hands.” Says the Communist Pig Merkel. What “destiny” is “she” referring to? There is no destiny for Western Europe at the current moment other than more leftwing socialism, more weak white fags disinterested in pussy and reproduction… along with a complete submission to Islam and safe refuge for all of Africa’s ‘Migrants.’

Merkel: The US is no longer a reliable ally and Europe’s destiny is ‘in our own hands’

Business Insider
Sonam Sheth and Reuters
Business InsiderMay 28, 2017

After summits with U.S. President Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe must take its fate into its own hands.

German chancellor Angela Merkel distanced herself from the US and the UK during a campaign event in Munich on Sunday.

“The times in which [Germany] could fully rely on others are partly over. I have experienced this in the last few days,” Merkel said during the event. “We Europeans really have to take our destiny into our own hands,” she said.

Though she did not mention them by name, Merkel was most likely referring to the fractured relationship Germany now shares with the US, as well as with the UK post-Brexit.

Merkel’s comments came on the heels of what she called a “difficult” and “unsatisfactory” G7 summit. The summit included leaders of the US, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, and Italy, and Merkel characterized the discussions as “six against one.”
Trump backed a pledge to fight protectionism at the end of the G7 summit on Saturday, but refused to endorse the climate pact, saying he needed more time to decide.

However, Axios reported that Trump had already made his decision. Trump reportedly told multiple people, including Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt, that he would be pulling out of the deal, according to three sources with knowledge of the conversations.
Despite his pledge to fight protectionism, Trump has favored a more protectionist stance on trade, while other G7 members favor free trade. In April, Trump was said to be considering an executive order which would pull the US out of NAFTA. After a phone call with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican president Peña Nieto, Trump changed his mind and said that he would be open to renegotiating the terms of NAFTA.

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