Islamic Terror strikes again in London. (7) Killed, dozens more injured in a horrific rampage in London.

Jihadi terrorists shouting ‘this is for Allah’ kill seven in knife frenzy at ‘FIVE’ locations in the capital: Hunt for men with 12in blades who began the rampage by mowing down revellers on London Bridge


Daily Mail Online – Five jihadi terrorists shouting ‘this is for Allah’ have reportedly killed seven people and left dozens more injured in a horrific rampage around two locations in central London.

The men, described as being ‘of Mediterranean origin’, mowed down up to 20 people with a white van at 50mph on London Bridge on Saturday night, then began ‘randomly stabbing’ revellers with 12-inch hunting knives.

One person has been killed at London Bridge – and one of the casualties is reportedly a police officer. At least 20 people have been taken to six hospitals across London.

The knifemen then smashed into busy pubs and restaurants in the nearby Borough Market and began randomly stabbing revellers. One man was reportedly stabbed five times in the chest.

The gang, with metal canisters strapped to their chests, smashed pub windows and cut the throats of drinkers. A ‘dark-skinned’ man in a red tracksuit ‘calmly’ stabbed a man three times, a witness said.

Two suspects were shot dead by a marksman outside the Wheatsheaf pub in Borough Market and one was gunned down and believed to be killed, as the remaining two suspects are on the run.

50 armed police entered Monument station with police dogs and bystanders were told to run. Bank and Monument tube stations have been closed. There are also unconfirmed reports of gunfire on Southwark Street.

3 Comments on Islamic Terror strikes again in London. (7) Killed, dozens more injured in a horrific rampage in London.

  1. Everything is fine : What are Londoners being told?

    The advice given was to keep calm, but make your way home.

    The Metropolitan Police issued instructions to “run, hide, tell” – telling Londoners to get out of the area if possible; hide and silence their phones if not; and call 999 if safe to do so.

    Hey if you really want change in London, vote in a muslim mayor with ties to radical groups………..What’s that???Oh, so you say you already have?………Hmmm………. so lets step through this…. your leaders demanded Diversity and Multiculturalism…..things aren’t working out……and NOW they claim this disaster on the failure to Assimilate???HUH??? Diversity and Multiculturalism = Assimilation??? But…but…isn’t that a oxymoron???….oh now I get it………..It’s the British natives who failed to assimilate with the invading migrant/immigrants…..that clears it all up.

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  2. Judgement Day // June 6, 2017 at 1:03 pm // Reply

    I wonder with what cucked out British people (no offense to REAL British men) will resist those ay-rabs? With kitchen knives? Oh that’s right, they’ve been also banned there…

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