Arminius YesterDays Hero ToDays Outlaw

Historian, “We know of many cases where Germanic tribesmen in the service of Rome learned how to behave in the Roman way without feeling Roman or becoming loyal to Rome.”
“It’s not easy to make people genuinely committed to a system that may bring them great privileges but also requires a change in identity. Not everyone can do that.”

HUH??? What fucking nonsense, just look at the bang up job Angela Marxist is doing bringing non-white, non-Europeans into Germany.

So let me get this straight, German academia and historians know, understand, write, teach, and even espouse on a mainstream TV history channel that ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘assimilation’ can never work , as a example and PROOF of this they celebrate, lament, the real life example of a national Hero, Arminius the ancient historical defender of Germania. A world renowned symbol for the existence, justification, natural, biological, psychological, moral, precedence of the RIGHT and NEED for NATIONALISM.
But yet at the same time decry, enforce with the full power of the state NATIONALISM as a criminal offense???HUH??? Is this the ultimate example of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE at a national level or what???

I don’t GET IT, PLEASE, someone, out there, HELP ME ?

Dissonance : a tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements.

In 1957, psychologist and teacher Leon Festinger pointed out that often, people hold two opposing beliefs, or they believe one thing but do something that’s against that belief. The feeling that results is called cognitive dissonance, and we often try to alleviate it by justifying our actions or changing our beliefs.

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education has the  solution.

Journal of Teacher Education : Reducing Resistance to Diversity through Cognitive Dissonance Instruction.

Before admission to the college of education, students at a large, predominantly White public university in the Southeast are required to complete a state-mandated course on diversity issues. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to diversity and effective ways of addressing it in future classrooms as a result of changing demographics. Often, students experience resistance to diversity issues because their current understandings or beliefs may not coincide with the information presented in class. One psychological theory that can address this phenomenon is called cognitive dissonance. In the study reported here, the principles of cognitive dissonance theory are applied to an instructional strategy used to reduce resistance. The results indicate that incorporating cognitive dissonance theory into instruction on diversity creates an awareness of dissonance (i.e., metadissonance) and has the potential for reducing resistance to diversity issues. Implications for teacher education are addressed.

[read more about how higher education is solving this dilemma for Europeans (white peoples) in European lands and nations built by Europeans for Europeans here]


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