Forget about the public schools… It’s time to pull all federal funds from “Colleges”

Evergreen College Protesters Demand No Homework

We really need to reevaluate the “value” of this old thing called a college degree. Imagine attending one of these prisons today? I’d be in jail for intimidation and eventually… assault! And as far as that student loan “forgiveness” goes… I say (and will vote) no fucking way!

2 Comments on Forget about the public schools… It’s time to pull all federal funds from “Colleges”

  1. Go ahead and get rid of homework. Be inclusive and pass everybody despite their level of effort or smarts. Then come to me for a job and present your Evergreen diploma. How do think I’m going to evaluate this piece of paper? College is the time to prepare for the real world, for a job or trade or skill. Students who value their education should keep an eye on these events and consider transferring if necessary.

    I need work done professionally. I will not be providing safe spaces or using gender neutral words in business documents. There will be restrooms for two genders only. You will be judged on your ability to produce. I highly suggest to use your time in college with an eye on what you will be doing for the next 40 years and not for current comforts. The world outside college will not change.


  2. Well, I see all this crap in the colleges as the fruits of skill less lazy upper-middleclass white men be it politicians, corporate welfare management/stock-holders, government employees who make a fantastic living as opposed to their value/worth in a free market. No different than the careerists/profiteers of the man made global warming scam.

    The truly sad thing is not only are these parasitical slugs destroying progress and innovation, they are destroying the basic foundations that underpin the ‘system’/society they are ripping off.
    It goes so far and so deep in that they self perpetuate by the metamorphosis of fertile, vigorous, productive people into impotent, useless, barren parasites by allowing these enterprises to survive as a viable choice.
    But that’s only half of it, then we get into the what if’s and paths of positive progression only imagined and fantasized of a simple 1 to 1 return of enjoyment (hell even a break even) on the size of investment instead of the cost we are forced to incur.

    Talk about social, economic, genetic suicide, even the Roman Empire as great as it was, couldn’t bare a fraction of the cost we are willing to pay rather than having our feelings hurt being called names.
    Truly……..truly……….sad……the unforgivable type of sad.


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