Comey breaks down in tears in closed session…..Trump bullied me… and then beat the shXX out of me!

President Donald Trump asked then FBI Director Comey to be loyal, James Comey replied he’d always be honest, the President confirmed he equated honesty with loyalty and that is what he wants from every American, honest loyalty.

For chrissakes he’s the president, now if the president can’t ask for honest loyalty (from every American whether or not he receives or deserves it is another issue), who the fuck can???

FBI Director Comey told President Donald Trump he was NOT under ANY investigation.

President Trump had already fired his loyal friend Michael Flynn for giving inaccurate information to his Vice President and “HOPED” Comey could also find a way to also let him go.

The Logan Act bars private citizens from negotiating with foreign powers; Mind you, No one has ever been prosecuted under the 218-year-old law.

Was Comey SHOCKED that Mr. Trump did not wish bad things to happen to his close friend?

Mr. Comey testified there was never ANY at ANY time, a suggestion nor pressure by ANY source from the White House or the President other than that one time expression of  ‘HOPE’.

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