Wild West Radio #56: Shared Virtue

WWR 56

A Continuation from episode #55: Titan talks about Honor- What is it?and How is it maintained? and Why is it necessary for the upward mobility of society? Obligation- Justice- Courage, Bushido, Chivalry and the maintenance of Relationship.




4 Comments on Wild West Radio #56: Shared Virtue

  1. Good stuff Tyler, shining the light on the twisted meaning and false LiberToon individualism. Anything goes as long as the Libertoon isn’t tasked with cleaning up the ‘anything’ mess. By the way LiberToons aren’t against collectivism which in its self is a dangerous sword to swing, but they have no qualms about ‘collectivism’ filling the landing crafts or first wave onto the beach.

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  2. So much good info and inspiration here!!!

    HONOR Motherfuckers!!!

    Live it, Love it, Be it.

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  3. TeutonicSoldier // June 23, 2017 at 1:35 am // Reply

    Possibly the best show you’ve produced, man. Really thought-provoking stuff.

    All human behavior and instincts have to be analyzed from the perspective of what purpose it serves to the tribe, because we spent the overwhelming majority of our evolutionary existence as small tribes of hunter-gatherers. Europeans and East Asians have complex honor systems, but all peoples have some type of honor system. Honor seems to be defined as any type of measurement criteria by which men rate each others’ worth to the tribe. The warrior facets of honor that you described are self-explanatory in this regard.

    The problem facing our men today is not the fact that they’re failing to demonstrate honor when they’re expected to; its that they aren’t even expected to because there’s no fellow men or tribe to hold them accountable. It all goes back to the fundamental problem that because we domesticated ourselves with technology, we no longer live in an environment that triggers our instincts and natural survival patterns. That’s why we need to re-establish ‘artificial’ tribes. Our ancestors formed bonds as tribes because that was the only way to take down a mammoth during the ice age, and defend women, children, land, and resources from other groups of men (or conquer them). We no longer have these environmental demands, but because those conditions existed for so long, we are adapted to be tribalistic.

    Most libertarians believe what they do because they, like us, reject the Judeocratic matriarchal globalist establishment, but they don’t grasp the fundamental reality that tribalism and collectivism are at the core of human existence, and honor is the glue that holds those things together. It’s actually incredibly ironic that libertarians worship a socio-political system based on the individual desire for profit, when the very reason our countries are being turned into multi-cultural welfare states is because of an environment created by the Jewish news and entertainment media that presents left-wing policies as the most profitable for politicians and corporations to go with.

    Nationalism and Fascism are honor-based systems that attempt to revive tribalism amidst the dysgenic complexities of a post-industrial world where humans have domesticated themselves by using technology to place themselves in a cushioned environment..

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