Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity

Most states are pushing back or Trump Blows the GOP’s Cover on Voter Suppression Efforts

Trump won the Electoral College thanks to tiny margins in three states. Demographic trends are not in his favor. Having opted not to appeal to minority voters, suppressing their vote is his best hope for reelection and maintaining GOP control of Congress in the midterms.
Rolling Stone – July 7,2017
[Story Here]

Hmmmm….”Demographic trends are not in his favor”, right there alone they are telling you white man, right to your face it’s a vote on race not on issues.


Cause there are millions of #WeakWhiteMen who will take to the streets, bitch, moan, and bleed from their assholes to STOP YOU.

Gee a ‘legit’ source like Rolling Stone – look up UVA Rape Case.
A primary hasn’t a thing to do with voting boards, only registration of a primary itself, and that is a state by state regulation.
The primary election system in the USA emerged in the late 19th and early 20th century in an era of progressiveness as a reaction against strong party organisations and their control over nominations. Two major developments are said to have led to the emergence of statewide primary elections:
the introduction of secret ballots that enabled free voting for party nominees
the rejection of the party convention system for candidate selection
In other words, it isn’t a law, requirement or mandatory thing
DNC just like the GOP are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, they can choose whoever the fuck they want how ever the hell they want.
Minority Voter suppression is a bigger hoax than Global Warming that only seems to rare it’s ugly head when a conservative defeats a Marxist.
Project Veritas has exposed on camera the leftist explaining their long history and methods of voter fraud right down to a county and precinct level (multi-voter busing).
HEY MORON – Voter data is PUBLIC FUCKING INFORMATION offered on a state by state basis.
This information is at any state government website, and THAT information INCLUDES name, address, phone, party affiliation, voting history, social security numbers.

Good Lawd, what a bunch of femenized cucks.
The gnashing of teeth is yet to come as we slowly methodically push for proper voter eligibility in line with the founding of this great nation.


Trump has truly held a mirror up to the face of Europeans, and it ain’t pretty.

OOOOPS……What this?

Voter List Information

US Voter List Information:
A Service of the United States Elections Project

Under the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), all 50 states (and DC) are required to create a electronic central voter file. However, the content and availability across the states vary dramatically.

This site is designed to be a resource for researchers, non-profits, parties, and civic-minded individuals interested in acquiring voter file data. Its purpose is to act as a central hub for information regarding the files’ format, price, and availability. Note: This site does NOT offer the voter data for purchase. However, it does provide the forms and/or means for interested parties to purchase the data themselves.

The following information is provided by each state by clicking on the state of interest in the map above or using the States tab.
Availability: Who is allowed to obtain the voter file? Some states have use restrictions that apply to specific persons or organizations, such as whether or not a person is a member of the general public or a registered voter within the state.
Available Data: What data is available? State election management systems vary as to what data they collect. Some states do not provide all the information available on their voter files. We provide lists of restricted to that state. A piece of desired information that is not listed does not mean that the state collects the data. For example, only some states collect registrants’ race or ethnicity.
File Layout: For all states except Indiana and North Dakota, we provide file layouts either available on state websites or provided to us by election officials.
Price: Some price estimates are based upon a per-name cost and are subject to fluctuation.Please consult with election officials for current pricing.
Ordering Information: Where available, we provide links to state offices and documents needed to order voter files.
Those interested in the current price and use restrictions in acquiring data for all states click here.

All images used on this site are either derived or directly sourced from Wikimedia Commons. The information regarding voter files provided here was last updated 8/22/2015. While we have made a best attempt to obtain correct information, state election officials are ultimately the providers of these data. Please contact the appropriate state election officials for voter files’ format, price, and availability.

The data collection was funded in part by the University of Florida and the National Institute for Money in State Politics. Graduate Research Assistants Peter Licari and Lia Merivaki assisted Dr. McDonald in data collection.

In other words folks, it is all major grandstanding and another attempt by the left to energized their effete base.
No state can deny the federal government data they already make available in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, but of course for a profit.


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  1. I don’t think most minorities even vote. I’d wager most of the liberal vote is from retarded white liberals.


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