‘Migrant’ ‘Refugee’ Invaders are shitting in public in Pennsylvania!

FOX NEWS – Some residents of a Pennsylvania town are upset by Romanian immigrants who they have accused of defecating in public and beheading chickens.

Residents in California, Pennsylvania – about 35 miles south of Pittsburgh – are angered by the alleged actions of the Romanian immigrants, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.


Residents have accused the immigrants of throwing around trash, disobeying traffic laws, defecating in public, being disruptive in markets and killing chickens, according to the Post-Gazette.

“What I’ve seen is men and children – never usually the women – the men and the children dropping their pants in the middle of the street, defecating, pulling their pants up and going on their way,” Dawne Roberts told WTAE-TV.

The Romanian refugees moved to the area through a federal program that finds temporary houses for immigrants, according to the Post-Gazette. The Romanians fled their homes in the Bucharest area where they faced persecution as a minority group.


More than 150 people attended the California borough council’s municipal meeting Thursday night as several residents complained about the immigrants.

“We’re a very diverse town, we’re very open, but they aren’t assimilating to our laws,” Pam Duricic, a lifelong resident of California, said, according to the Post-Gazette. “We are understanding that these are immigrants. But this is not the same scenario as our grandparents. They didn’t come here to raise havoc.”

Vito Dentino, a real estate agent who rents apartments to the majority of the immigrants, said that he has spoken to his tenants about not throwing trash in the yard.

“I think people around here are just overreacting,” he said.

Dentino said the immigrants were pleasant, according to the Post-Gazette, but unaware of American customs.


“I have not had one problem with them,” lifelong resident Lisa Buday told the Post-Gazette. “I say hi to them. This is a community. Let’s be human. This is not a fast process.”

Another California resident, Charlene Redmond, said she was invited by some of the immigrants to a dinner. She was asked to wear a scarf out of respect at the dinner, she said.

“We sat on the porch and ate and I learned some words,” Redmond said. “And it was awesome.”

The states of Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington, and Colorado are currently still accepting the invaders!


Lancaster City, in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, accepts more of this trash per capita, than any other city in the world!!!


Lancaster city takes 20 times more refugees per capita than rest of US, BBC says

BBC News released a short video report Friday, reporting Lancaster as “America’s refugee capital.”

The segment presented statistics about Lancaster’s acceptance of refugees, as well as some perspective from a refugee family and local officials

Lancaster has taken in 1,300 refugees since 2013, 20 times more per capita than the rest of the country, according to the report.

In three years, the U.S. has taken in 18,000 Syrian refugees — six Syrians for every 100,000 Americans — while 4.8 million Syrians have fled their country since the start of the war.


12 Comments on ‘Migrant’ ‘Refugee’ Invaders are shitting in public in Pennsylvania!

  1. I’m an (actual) Romanian and these people are not ethnic Romanians, they are Gypsies (from India) with Romanian citizenship.

    “The Romanians fled their homes in the Bucharest area where they faced persecution as a minority group.”

    How can you be a Romanian in Romania and a (persecuted) minority at the same time? Sounds like fake news to me.
    Also, if getting tens of billions of euros in welfare and goodies from the European Union and George Soros’s NGOs is “persecution”, then I want some persecution too.
    Just ask yourselves, if they are persecuted by Romanians (presumably because they are brown), why did they went to another European majority country? Why didn’t they pick India as their destination?

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  2. Gypsies are scum sucking invaders of the lowest form… from the regions of what would be modern day Pakistan and Northern India. Nothing “Romanian” about them.


  3. Hmmmm…….lot of white faces in that video.
    Who’s the problem again???HUH???


    • Talk to the average white dickhead about sending em back… not to mention their bullshit insistence on “assimilation” and “vetting.” Get the fuck out of here!!!

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  4. Even the ones ‘mildly’ complaining… oh they’re not “assimilating.”

    Hey fuck face… they ain’t here for that shit, nor are they or were they EVER capable of that.

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  5. They were brought in an agreement with a US-romanian government, no matter what they are – don’t worry, the hate between the romanians and the gypsies is not authentic – most of the gypsies work for the security services. Plus, there are already 2 million romanians in US and no one cares. That’s the drama – now the tragedy: http://www.post-gazette.com/local/south/2017/07/14/California-Pa-residents-want-answers-about-Romanian-immigrants/stories/201707140150 where it writes: Romanians seeking asylum are in California, Pa. as part of U.S. Immigration program. The borough said the immigrants were sent to California by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. YOU UNDERSTAND? DURING THE “IMMIGRATION CRISIS” US BROUGHT TENS OF THOUSANDS OF ROMANIANS, SOME HARDLY INTEGRABLE, AND CHOSE CONSCIENTLY TO LET ME DIE IN ROMANIA, EVEN IF I ASKED TO BE SAVED. It’s not only intention; it’s the delight to see me dead in the most public way. My name is Claudiu Arghir and I have less than 1,5 months to live!


  6. all immigrants are not bad i agree, but what they are doing to our little town is sad. it is no surprise Vito thinks they are great because he is getting paid to house them. He is a slum lord. i am sure all of those that think they are so great must be benifiting from them being here. The damage they are doing is costing tax payers money because they have to clean up after them when the shit on the street and destroy property. They should have been educated on our customs here in America before they are placed like this. this is just a small example of what trouble immigrants are causing. Even if it is only 1 per 100 that come, one is still too much

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  7. Where are the Feds to enforce immigration laws?




  9. Judgement Day // July 25, 2017 at 11:27 pm // Reply

    Not to worry, guys. Worse is better, worse is better… Just few more years.


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