Tell me again… Who’s the problem? Meet the Jones Dozen: Tennessee couple adopts EIGHT from Sierra Leone orphanage. WTF!?!?

A couple have done an extreme ‘Brangelina’ by adopting eight siblings from an African orphanage in one go – the biggest single adoption in history.


Hayley and Mike Jones instantly increased the size of their family from two to ten by adopting the children from Sierra Leone.

The pair wanted a bigger family but were put off having children after both of Hayley’s pregnancies ended with emergency C-sections.

The family eats 2lbs of sausages and 36 eggs for breakfast along with a gallon of tea, biscuits and bacon. Such is the workload associated with feeding twelve people, Mrs Jones has introduced a rota giving each member of the household specific tasks each day so life works as smoothly as possible.

After talking to an orphanage in Africa they decided to adopt the seven brothers and one sister in one go. The children, aged between five and 16 were in a children’s home after their father was killed and their mother was unable to cope.

Mrs Jones, 31, says that her life has now changed dramatically but that she wouldn’t change it for the world. SOURCE

3 Comments on Tell me again… Who’s the problem? Meet the Jones Dozen: Tennessee couple adopts EIGHT from Sierra Leone orphanage. WTF!?!?

  1. These are some sick people who take tax payer funds (public sector workers) to indulge with shining eyes in their fantasy.

    Only a weak white male would be on board with such excessive altruism as a way to get in and stay in her narcissistic panties.

    They trot out the ole ‘god wanted me to do this’ entrapping many religious fish upon the emotional rocks in a stormy sea stirred by inflated sense of self-esteem as special or uniqueness which is nothing more than exploitation of a unhealthy excessive empathy in others.

    The only legitimate complaint of European exploitation is European’s exploitation against their own tribe.


  2. Donita Sparks // July 22, 2017 at 1:41 am // Reply

    Here’s the thing we need to understand. 90% of human beings are not responsible for their actions. Am I responsible for my actions? Are you responsible for yours? Of course, because we belong to the 10% that possess self awareness and consciousness; we think throught and feel emotions; 90% of humans don’t. If I where to magically teleport the above “family” to an alternative universe where it was considered cool to murder and devour Africans, they would instantly start murdering and devouring Africans (well as soon as they recognised the new popular opinion). Altruism has nothing to do with it. Why do you think the people that wail and cry over Michael Brown are the same people that piss themselves laughing when they hear about a Palestinian child snipered in Israel. Humans where never designed to think for themselves. This doesn’t mean we have no right to be pissed off with them, my dog ain’t responcible for his actions but that doesn’t mean I don’t get pissed with him when he trashes my stuff. But we need to understand it for the sake of our mental health, to prevent us from loathing the very people we’re trying the help (ignoring the irredeemable ones)


    • So what you are telling me is JEWS are RIGHT after all, they are nothing but dumb cattle who rightly can be killed for that reason alone?
      By the way, I am not trying to save THOSE people or ANY such people, they are not only the MAIN threat to the existence of my children, grandchildren and the many people I love dearly but to the planet as a whole.
      We haven’t got the time to play social worker, our ancestors would have waylaid them to the bogs or the sword forthwith.
      My God woman, try going out unarmed alone at night, well then again don’t try that.
      P.S. It is not you or I who judge the folly of human beings…..BUT…MOTHER NATURE damn well will.


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