The Viking Lives on in the Tie Dye Witch

In praise of a Swedish murderer

Why so many Swedish women find the “Arboga woman” so deeply fascinating.


The obvious reasons – she is a woman and it is more uncommon for women to commit murder.
She is a mother of a six-year-old and we do not associate motherhood with murder happiness.
She is well educated and never previously punished. She looks so clean, well-groomed and nice, not at all like a stereotypical image of a Hindu witch.

In addition to the disgust And annoyed we feel for her possible actions, I also think of a sting of envy.
Not for the pain she may have hurt his victims and their families but before her boundlessness.

I see a woman like Do not have the usual barriers that prevent the vast majority of people from living out their immediate needs and imaginations, which allow themselves to fall for temptations without thinking about the consequences.
A woman who satisfies her lusts without suffering from normal human inhibition or conscience.
Who has not dreamed about To let go sometimes?
Stumble into conventions, duties and responsibilities and just do what’s falling in for the moment?
Cost what it costs for in money, burned bridges and ruined relationships.
To dare without thinking “but oh, you should not do that“.
Still, you never dare, luckily. But the Arboga woman dares.
She acquires six children, thus forming her own clan where she is ruler.
The children’s dads appear to be secondary beings.
She starts companies in a controversial but very lucrative branch where she uses her position to get sex.
She consumes well over her assets as if she has the knowledge that somebody always comes and arranges everything for her.
While others are contented with close-fainting fantasies of revenge for injustice, she acts. She says that everyone who injures her is bad.
Nobody gets stuck on her ostraffat.
She calls for immediate satisfaction.
Her boundless life both desolates and delights.
We are scared of her while we are being locked.
What does it tell us about ourselves?
Do we want to know? – Dominika Peczynski

2 Comments on The Viking Lives on in the Tie Dye Witch

  1. Along with the NEVER ENDING constant flow of female super heroes and kick ass “fighters” destroying men in “action” movies?

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