The Problem has ALWAYS been weak white fags with low T. Wake the Fuck Up!

“Gangs Are Good For Society?” Tucker Carlson Gets ANGRY

This is you’re typical weak white “educated” fag on the coasts (and now increasingly found in the Midwest). These fuckers are EVERYWHERE, and they are CLEARLY the problem here. Blame all the heebs and blacks and immigrants you want… It ain’t them. It’s forgot to pull out mistakes like this half a fag.

5 Comments on The Problem has ALWAYS been weak white fags with low T. Wake the Fuck Up!

  1. hello rich, i saw this video and thought it was up your alley. He talks about the ‘no solutions game’ and people that arent interested in winning. white nationalists and black nationalists set on complaining.


  2. All I hear is pay me whitey and vote for me when my community organizing days are over because I have absolutely no transferable skills of any worth in the marketplace.
    Then again it’s not his fault, maybe we should ‘wake’ this guy up?


  3. Melanie Safka // July 30, 2017 at 6:34 pm // Reply

    We’re suppose to make our message more politically correct so we can create some peaceful democratic/cultural revolution, yet at what point are we to admit that 70-80% of the population needs to go, and how is that to be achieved without an economic collapse (something that would be considered a conspiracy here). I stick with the humans are sheep theory (genetically millenials and boomers are the same but tougher conditions made millenials much tougher than boomers) however obviously there’s a certain percentage that would be worthless no matter what external stimuli they received.


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