1 Comment on Ramzpaul, more Boomer Conservatism, or just a man that makes a lot of sense?

  1. Well Rich, you’ve taken a lot of heat for saying basically the same thing but with more vigor for a couple years now. What I don’t agree with Ramzpaul is the need to run away from ‘alt-right’ because letting the left dictate the agenda is giving them a victory. You can bet your ass whatever you call yourself next will be attacked and infiltrated the same damn way and again you will be back to square one. The Marxist left are losing and just trying to run out the clock until demographics swamps then sinks us. If immigration/migration legal and illegal continues, Texas will be left blue in 8-10 short years, then California-New York- Texas electoral votes will assure a conservative/right leaning candidate will never again be elected President or house/senate majority.
    It is a dedicated fumigation of the alt-Reich from all alt-Right groups, functions, etc. because alt-Right nationalism is inevitable and world wide movement from America to Europe to Asia.
    Ramzpaul himself still can’t see what a media whore Richard Spencer always was, I mean really who the fuck is he, was he, where did he come from and who besides the media proclaimed him a leader of anything?
    He is just another spoilt, never did anything, never had a real job, professional student, from a wealthy family with dubious ties. I mean just anyone doesn’t get to high level NeoCon GOP functions taking selfies with Laura Bush at a resort. Same thing with millionaire David Duke who won’t lose his job and get hurt economically, these guys are (throw never had a job Anglin in there too) well insulated from REAL backlash and consequences.
    ( http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/truecapitalist/images/c/cc/ByzantinaSpencerBush.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20170129223049 )
    JUST CLEAN HOUSE and keep moving forward.

    P.S How the fuck is Ramzpaul a ‘boomer’? He isn’t old enough, could you see that klown humping the hills in Vietnam…lol.


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