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  1. Barry Wood // July 27, 2015 at 4:31 pm // Reply

    This is a note to thank you for the first podcast which I came across via the DStormer. It was truly inspirational and wonderful to listen to. True leadership. Many thanks for that.


    • Thanks brother, much appreciated… Spread it!


      • Collin B // March 18, 2016 at 9:29 pm //

        This is some of the best radio I’ve ever heard. Keep going strong man, I love these shows, keep doing what you do, you’ve already made a HUGE impact on my life, I feel many others as well too.



  2. Neocontrail // July 30, 2015 at 9:48 am // Reply

    I found out through the Daily Slave. Please, give a call and announce your new website.


  3. I found you through DStormer and have enjoyed your broadcasts. Your closing comments in your Pittsburgh talk were most inspiring and brought a tear to my eye. I have been on several marches here in the UK, and do some stickering when I can. We are in a much worse state than you in the USA because of draconian laws against free speech. God Bless you.


    • The UK huh? Well, it’s really a shame what’s happened to that place. An island empire that once ruled the waves and much of this earth. My uncle was in London a few years back and said it was worse than New York City. He said it’s become an international hellhole!


  4. Greg_landry // August 14, 2015 at 7:47 pm // Reply

    Love the new site Rich, Really digging these new shows too. Keep up the excellent work. By the way you should think about giving speeches for a living man. You’re very good at motivation!


  5. Hey Rich,
    It is really awesome what you did by adding those podcasts, the only thing is and maybe it is just an issue on my part, the player of podcasts is not allowing me to pause those podcasts and instead when i try it, it starts the podcast again from the beginning. There are no issues with the others. Keep up the awesome hard work and please, add some more of these podcasts.


  6. Hey Rich, it’s so good to see you back ;)) I absolutely love the new site and the shows you did. It looks really great! We really missed you guys when you left, my Sunday nights were never as funny or entertaining. It was like I lost a good friend it was that sad. Anyway I sent you an email please get back to me when you can. Thank you, and keep it up.


  7. Disciple of Iron // August 20, 2015 at 8:27 pm // Reply

    Great site. Really enjoy the podcasts, should be required listening for all our young men.
    Keep up the good work.


  8. Hey Rich,
    Just a quick follow up, I just finished listening one of yours old podcasts, #29, where you mentioned towns like Garfield, Lodi, is that where you from? I have used to live in Garfield, from 1999-2004 and I have to agree with you, used to be a nice neighborhood, a lot of europeans, Italians, Polish, Slovaks, Czechs ( I myself am Czech), Ukrainians, Macedonians, the homes used be well kept, newly rebuild, nice flower gardens in front, hardly any debris on sidewalks, and now? All kind of filth has moved in from Passaic, Patterson with all their culture, and slowly destroyed the whole towns. It is such a shame and in the same time a brutal reality.
    Anyway, awesome website – keep strong brother.


    • I grew up in a town not too far away brother… I live further west from there now, couldn’t take it anymore! But yes, those areas were once beautiful. And these ethnic Europeans (my Grandparents among them) that once lived there had nothing, these were poor people, and keep in mind they weren’t on social assistance as most of them were too proud to accept it! If you even mentioned that to my Grandfather he would’ve thought you lost you’re dam mind! A much, much different breed of people!


  9. Sounds great Rich, let me know how do I get to order two of these T-Shirts in Large size


  10. Just wanted to say I love what you do here, first time listener/visitor. I especially enjoy your podcast, thank you for your work Sir.


  11. I tried to send a donation but there was no usual donation page. I was immediately put on a pay pal page that told me to go back and fill out the order properly. I buy and donate a lot and I never had this happen before. It appears as if the donation box to fill in data and amount is gone.


  12. I successfully sent a modest donation thru pay pal and made it a monthly occurring event. The debit card that pays Pay Pal expires soon and when that happens I have to remember to input the new card’s data or else nothing will be paid. If that happens please contact me.

    I’m old, messy, disorganized, forgetful and really ignorant of internet use and protocol. lol


    • Thank You for the support, not many people put their $$$ where their mouth, eyes, and ears are. I’ve had nearly 20,000 different people visit this site in the 2 months it’s been up not sure how many are regulars?

      And guess what… out of that 20,000… Only 7 people have donated, and (2) of them are women???


      • Out of those 7 people includes those who purchased T-shirts as a donation also? BTW, how did you do with T-shirts? In my opinion they are pretty awesome, good fabric, I will be getting some more eventually.


      • Only 5 people have bought, and yes I mention them on the supporters page. Our people will not part with a nickel, that’s ok. I just want the message out there, but yeah the shirts are awesome!


      • I just sent another 15 bucks for support… Do you want Old Sarge to blister the butts of the cheapskates who enjoy your work but never contribute? I can give them a scorcher of a sermon! If nothing else it ought to provide a little comedy…


    • Go for it Sarge!

      And thank you!


      • Hey, you maggot infested cheapskates! R. Lee Ermey here… Yeah I’m talkin’ to you Buckwheat! What’s this crap I hear about you suckin’ up all the training and advice here and not donating any money? What kinda’ welfare leeching ghetto attitude is that? Do you want to be a man who IS a man? Shut off the G-D TV! If yer broke go mow a yard for money, repair a fence, clean up trash, walk dogs, donate plasma, wash windows, any damn thing… The exercise and discipline is good for ya. Put a friggin Ad on Craiglist. Damn, do I hafta’ do all yer thinking for ya too? Make yourself useful to your White brothers and sisters. Don’t make me get out my can of whup-ass !!!


  13. Hey man.
    I Recently discovered your show and think it’s awesome, and will be sending you a few sheckels soon.

    The thing that makes your show different is that it calls upon the listener’s own agency to make a positive change, as opposed to incessant harping on black crime or the JQ while you wait for uncle Adolf to return.

    The only podcasts I listen to anymore are yours and The Daily Shoah from
    They are a bit more on the satirical side, but promote a similar message of agency and self-reliance.

    I realize I’m totally shilling, but it would be great to hear you on one of their shoahs.


  14. You are doing a great job.
    By the way, you might enjoy this website and his perspective on rabbits and wolves.


    • Hey Scarlett, a lot women seem to be headed here. I’m looking for the right one to interview about some issues. The others seem to be either too busy or too shy. Anyway shoot me an email.


      • Love the site brother, great work here and the message couldn’t be anymore dead spot on.

        Keep up the great work.



  15. Johnny in Ohio // September 20, 2015 at 11:04 am // Reply

    I recently discovered your site and proudly sent you a donation. Keep up the great work. Forza!


  16. Heard about this site last sunday. Listened your latest public show, thumbs up. How much is your danegeld?


  17. Really enjoying your radio shows, and you have done a great job stating what needs to be said Rich. Have you considered writing an article about careers to be in for young men? I am currently planning my future and looked at a variety of trades, but I am not sure what would be best to serve our race. Trades are good, but I feel we need examples. What, in your opinion, would be a good career path for recent college grads (ideally for those of us who got suckered into pre-medicine and got a psychology degree, but no longer has an interest in wasting 12 years).


  18. I sent another 40 bucks for the last 4 shows that I enjoyed. I asked for a small favor regarding a previous hot headed post of mine. I offered 50 bucks to kill it. No answer… Hello, anybody there? I would hate to think that I am hooked into a Jersey Jew. My mom who grew up in Asbury Park NJ warned me about this over 40 years ago.

    Tell you what… If I send or pay all expenses for you to get a copy of the book, “The Brigade” by Harold Covington would you actually read it with an open mind? Good military advice is hard to find and this book is worth reading as well as the other books in the series which are now banned online… IT IS possible to take back a portion of the inheritance that was left to us by our forefathers. I do not expect you to like it, but a dose of reality might be beneficial… We cannot take the whole carcass back at once…

    I live in the Whitest place in America for a reason… Some very good reasons as explained to me by a Mexican girl who knew the score more than 25 years ago. She saw this shit coming and warned me… We were classmates, and no, I did not have an affair with her… Such a thing was not done back then… Both races had their borders that were respected… She urged me to retire in a different place other than the Yakima Valley to be safe and happy. 25 years ago and I’m sure glad I listened to her. Winter here is warmer than in WN or NJ and drier too. We need men like you to secure a homeland for our people and a future for White children. IT IS POSSIBLE, Read the book.


    • A Jersey Jew? Nope, just an extremely busy guy that works too dam much and has a lot of shit on his plate from week to week. I barely have time to do what I do here.

      I did delete those posts.

      As far as Covington is concerned I’m familiar with his work, as Mike who posts here promotes it, but I haven’t read his book.


      • Old Sarge // October 9, 2015 at 2:43 pm //

        I bought several copies of “The Brigade” and I could send one. I have no idea how to get it to you in a secure mode, after all you have no idea if I might be a nutcase or a Fed… Idaho has been brutally and lethally targeted many times by the Feds. The Ruby Ridge murders by the feds is just one of many frame-ups they concocted here in the last few decades. I would be surprised if they were NOT monitoring me. I will gladly send the book by any means you deem prudent. I’m too old and crabby to give a damn but you are another case… I would prefer that any risk be all on my side and none on yours… As you wish, Old Sarge.


  19. Note on my last post… Covington’s novels ARE banned on Amazon… They are NOT banned by any proscription by the Feds… I can send two or three of the series and if you want. The type of “Manning Up” that you are encouraging is a very good fit for Covington’s work. I am going to recommend your #16 members podcast on being a ‘Man who IS a Man’ to Covington…

    Regarding your #16 post on the shoppers of Cost Co. LOL!!! We truly feel sorry for the third world conditions of the east coast. Here in Idaho Costco is great because we are not blessed with diversity and dysfunctional Whites who have been overwhelmed by the black undertow… We have been Costco members 6-8 years since they opened their doors here. The people giving out food samples silently beg and plead to get people to try samples… They are older Whites… We try samples from time to time only to help these folks keep their jobs. The only time the people or the shopping experience here is bad is on the first of the month when food stamps come out. The people are OK but the lines are long because the welfare losers don’t even plan three days ahead. Maybe that’s why they are losers selling their food for money.

    Costco had only one nigger working in the store here in the checkout line and he insulted my wife. She is from MS and has an accent. I don’t think he liked it… She told me what happened and I made a hot call!!! Turns out she wasn’t the only complainer of this arrogant self entitled POS. We got many apologies and the arrogant SOB only works in the back now where nobody has to come in contact with him. I let it go at that because they have to have at least one of the beasts on the payroll to pass the equal employment rules. If we ever see him again shit will happen.

    My mom and I went from Washington state to New Jersey by Greyhound bus when I was about 13-14 years old in the mid 60’s… We were poor but I saved up money from my paper route and my mom picked fruit and was a typesetter for a local weekly paper. I will never forget NY and NJ. My mother was careful to shield me from some unpleasant realities about niggers but I still got the drift when I was body surfing on the boardwalk of Asbury Park. I got skinned up on the sand from body surfing and decided to fish. A fat nigger with a tin badge harassed me for catching and letting crabs go. I read the rules on fishing and argued my point about the ambiguity of the posted rules on fishing. Crabs are not fish, they are a different species, crustaceans… The coon was flabbergasted because I could read, knew science and could argue cogently. He left, I kept catching crabs and letting them go.

    When I was in the USAF about 10 years later my best friend was Joey Drago from Philly. He introduced me to lifting weights and running 1.5 miles three times a week. I owe you Easterners a debt of gratitude… Joey educated me on a lot of stuff… He was not brash or arrogant and was very soft spoken but he could say in 4-6 words more truth than 95% of all the men I ever met. I will never forget him…

    I loved your “Members Only” pod cast # 16…. It has been a long time since I heard such truth from anyone. Damn, it sounds more like a brash version of my friend Joey Drago… It has been seven years since I hit the weights. You just might bullyrag me into doing one last “Hurrah” for our Race, Culture, Heritage and to drive a point home to my now young teenage grandkids.

    I saw the picture of your beautiful son! Bravo to you and your wife!!! If you ever want to visit the great White Homeland in the Northwest I can assure you that that you will have free transportation, food, lodging and any other necessities. I love children, and not in the creepy Michael Jackson sort of way… You will all be spoiled rotten to the best of our ability and then some… Guns, mountains, streams, lakes. Private firearms shooting on our property and you can pick from many dozens of firearms from ourselves and family and friends. Ammo free and plentiful.

    Thanks for a shot in the arm to a 61 year old coot who really needed a good kick in the ass… I might have another good decade left in me yet, if I put up the beer and decide to be an Icon for the family… Buy the way, I never in my youth desired anything more than a wife, children and comfortable home. Keep pounding away on what was once an obvious truth for a happy and productive life. Ex Gladio Libertas… [Out of the Sword , Freedom.]


  20. I know little about the internet, but I am surprised that such honest and useful advice has not taken off with a vengeance!

    I am very internet ignorant, so this may be a silly question… Perhaps it takes more time than I estimate to gather a following. Is there anything I can do? I would love to help out. I have never started a thread or whatever you call it. I don’t know how…. I just add comments to existing posts. Until now the only thing I used the internet for was to get news and information. I would like to do more than just send money. I have been financially supporting many WN sites for 6-8 years and I never originated a new subject.

    I read, enjoy, send money and defend our White women against the defective males and trolls on WN sites. With the credibility I earned by donating I might be able to send a few people your way if I knew how to “Puff” your site and interest like minded people. Perhaps somebody here could instruct me in how to use my credibility to start a thread and send people your way… Yes, I know I am ignorant on internet protocol…. I hate this geeky internet shit and I have good reasons for it. In the 70’s and 80’s I watched as many good old school businesses went bankrupt because they were swindled into computerizing by software salesmen who sold them a crappy program and hardware that screwed up their company for months and pissed off their customers. GRRRRR. I also lived thru the same crap with the idiotic systems sold to the USAF… I hate this geeky, ever changing crap… So I have a bad attitude, sue me! By the way, I troubleshot and repaired computers and logic circuits down to the component level with schematics and logic probes. Hardware is logical; Software is a cluster fuck that never ends…

    Storm Front, David Duke, The Political Cesspool, The Northwest Front, The Occidental Quarterly, The Colchester Collection, Stop White Genocide and numerous others along the same lines. Hook me up with a patient teacher who can help me raise money. Results count, everything else is Bullshit! Old Sarge might be awakening after an 8 year slumber !!! Thanks.


  21. I understand that you are “As Busy as a Three Peckered Billy Goat”. Been there, done that… No problem… LOL.

    I repaired my 16 yr old fridge today and I will cancel the order I placed for the new one, if my fix works.. I told Lowes I might be able to repair our old one and they said, ‘Fine, if you fix it you can cancel the order at no cost”. If it works out I will send you more money because you earned it by bullyragging me to not be such a puss and to get off my ass and use my skill and experience instead of spending money… I know you never mentioned exactly this situation, but I’ve been fixing stuff all my life and I’ve gotten lazy. I buy my wife new shit when I could repair the old shit. She begs for new stuff. GRRRRR… I never did that 20 years ago, I have become lazy…

    I love her because she puts up with my crap… Many times long ago when she was mad at me she landed some right prime hits to my ribs with her elbow. She would get me in the hallway. {Separated ribs}. An educated but tough fighting woman of the Old the School… A sucker punch artist… I was so proud of her! I knew I picked right! Only a hot tempered fighting woman could make me so proud, and mad too! I slugged her a few times and she never tattled…

    You put a burr up my ass to man up. Thanks. If it works I will send 10% of the cost of a new fridge to you, about $140. It will take 2-3 days of testing for a decision.

    Harold Covington is hated and slandered because he dares to say the truth… He uses terms that are blunt and short tempered towards our pussy brothers.. . He is a great author and minces no words. He says what you say about character, but without all the leads, endings and explanations. Covington is more abrupt and short tempered about the character issues. He suffers fools, but not very gladly… Pussies cry that he is mean and short tempered. LOL. You can educate the pussies…

    I love your style. You make me embarrassed to be such lazy, comfort seeking turd. I spend thousands of bucks every year being lazy and comfort seeking… Keep going. We need strong men who are men… Do not change your style! Right now you are the strong medicine I need to take. Thanks.

    We read prodigiously… Every year I build more book shelves upstairs and downstairs. We put older ones into plastic bins as a treasure and inheritance for our kids and grandkids.

    You are doing a great job! Damn, I wish I was 30 years younger… I want to kick ass and take names! Save our Weenies and turn them into Men! You have a gift from your creator… Your voice, cadence, timbre and even obscene words are perfect! You sound like old school military. “God forgive me, I love it so”. General George S Patton… Murdered by Jews for telling the truth. I will never forgive them for this or anything else they had to do with WW1 or WW2.

    Ex Gladio Libertas! ” From The Sword, Freedom “.

    If you find fault with any of my posts then delete them. I won’t cry, I promise………. LOL

    Old Sarge


    • Thank You so very much for your support. My wife gives me the same shit over here, but keeps her mouth shut usually as long as I keep her satisfied in the bedroom every night, bring home the bacon, and set the right example as a good father for my son. So far, I haven’t failed in those departments! Friends like you give me added strength to push on. And BTW you just funded my 24/7 radio stream on the website for the year… Thanks Again!


  22. The fridge is stable after I fixed it. I sent 140 bucks, 10% of the cost of a new one as promised in a previous post. My wife agreed gladly. She likes your show too, after I explained to her that the profanities you used were necessary to shake up weak men and were a normal part of the old school military cussing for weaklings. We talked that way in the military all the time in my day…

    Don’t get the idea that we are rich or that this is pocket change for us… I wish it were so, but we earn under 65K a year. We help out my mom, kids and grandkids as well as White strangers who could use a kind word and a few bucks for basic groceries when they put stuff to the side in the checkout line. Yes, I do buy candy bars for their kids as a bonus if the kids aren’t fat the parents only buy decent food… We now tithe over 10% of our income to deserving White people instead of a Zionist worshipping church…

    In the past few weeks, only my posts show up in this area…. I feel sort of strange. What’s up with that??? Damn, you have such a gift for speaking ! Your message needs wide proliferation… I have cut back on donations this month to other White voices, to boost your message in the only way I know how… I thought that by now you would have dozens of posts and be taking off like a Saturn Rocket to the moon…

    I hope you give some of this donation to your wife and son with my blessings. I bet she earns it by putting up with a firebrand like you, as I was three decades ago when my wife caught me in the hallway and gave me a right prime hit in my ribs with her elbow. It hurt but I was proud of her and I did not retaliate… 32 years married and we never spent a night separated by anger even if we had to fight until 4 AM and both go to work the next day. We did that 2-4 times a year and we considered it perfectly normal…

    When we met we were both single parents and we each had full custody of a child from a previous marriage. We dated for 4-5 months and I took her out to a fancy dining place… I proceeded to interrogate her on sex, religion, politics, childrearing, marital expectations, past sexual behavior and other subjects. She found nothing odd in this and I liked her answers… We were engaged within two weeks after I used all the USAF intelligence resources at my command to check on the veracity of her answers… I was pleased with her back round data… She came from an old school middle class MS family of high character and morals. The marriage date was set… The rest is history…

    I thought your wife might like to hear a true love story of two fools who married too young and got smart after being burned by their mistakes… Some women love to hear this stuff. Hell, I like to hear it… You are a unique man that I admire and I have no doubt that you gather your strength from a fine woman… Ex Gladio Libertas


  23. I want a ” Tree of Life Shirt”. XL Size… Address: D.A. Dexter, 22008 Middleton Rd. // Caldwell Idaho//83605. We loved the recent show with the strong White Woman… My wife listened to it twice and was very impressed… I told her I wanted to buy the shirt and send a donation… She went downstairs, grabbed my wallet, came upstairs, threw down my wallet and said “Go for It”. You and the novels of Harold Covington are at the top of her list… She read them all… Congratulations…


  24. $ 60 sent… Contact me if there any problems.


  25. Have you looked at this website, Rich?
    I think you would like it.
    He calls it r/K strategy.
    Rabbits and wolves.
    Intelligent observations.


  26. First Time Listener. The core of idea of National and International Networking and local connection along with some of the ideas I have considered for a while now and roughed them out as ideas and web platforms e,g Occidental Organic Network

    First things we need to start speaking to each and connecting other across all the small groups before we can begin

    Keep up the good work



    Wake up all people – ignorance is turning our world into an uncontrollable mess.
    Quality people are being subjected to incompetence by way of the democratic system.
    Existing democratic system cannot support a discipline to protect all people’s interests.
    Quality people will have to take initiative and stop the stupidity created by the majority of so called financial heads misusing all people’s circumstances.
    Quality people will have to encourage all real men in the interest of women and children to remove all incompetent politicians from the democratic system as soon as possible.
    Please copy and paste this onto as many as possible comments available on the internet even if it is not related to the discussion – just get it spread around the world.
    Quality people can then start to redesign the democratic system in the interest of all of us.

    As an example of many proofs, read one of thousands of comments /articles/statements:- Money is main threat to democracy says Russian elections chief
    Published time: 20 Jul, 2015 15:20

    Please understand this principle: we must all respect a blind person but we must not turn emotional and allow a blind person to drive a vehicle or fly an aircraft.

    The only way, we as the people in every country can secure an acceptable future, is if the democratic system is changed to ensure an honest political platform, that is subjected to a principle of the death sentence should dishonesty occur. Any person wanting to become an elected politician should understand this principle or else avoid the political platform.

    The natural world is dependent on REAL MEN and REAL WOMAN, but they are being undermined by UN-NATURAL MEN and UN-NATURAL WOMEN who are actually high risk psychopaths, disrupting people’s natural circumstances.

    A government should use your tax contribution to manage services in the interest of every citizen and not just a few biased people. A quality compiled government is the only solution to enforce a strict law system that can guarantee your interests.

    Every citizen in every country should take note of this and stand together in the interest of every human being. A single person does not have the capacity to rectify the democratic system and for this reason people must form groups to encourage as many as possible citizens and join hands to help rectify the existing uncontrollable mess, created by the biased platform.

    Please forward this to as many as possible people within police and defence departments within each country.

    For perspective : Der Spiegel :- The Bullingdon Club and the Excessive British Elite
    By Christoph Scheuermann October 15, 2015


    Please forward this to as many people as possible to be made known in an exponential effect.


  28. RE; PTD #30, first 5 Minutes… I agree 100%. Adults giving useless gifts to each other is stupid!!! When children come along they are #1 and everything else is bullshit. I did it, my wife did it and I told my kids to stop giving stuff because our house was overflowing with sentimental crap that served no purpose and actually made us feel miserable and guilty as well as cluttering up our house with junk.

    I download you and transfer it to an MP3 device and play it in my workshop… Now I will listen to the rest of your program and see if you backtrack concerning gifts from grandkids… That is a whole different kettle of fish! Ours have been trained to spend time with their ” Old evil racist Grampa and make pictures for him to hang up in his workshop”… I will now listen to the rest of your show. I may add comments later since I will be up late creating a winter ice surprise for 6 White kids not my own who adore me and need a real Grampa for mentoring and male affection. I am a White nationalist and after my blood kin are cared for I give all I have left in me to other White kids. When I was a kid all decent White men did this, it was as common as breathing the air…….

    I do not expect you to have an “Old Head on Young Shoulders”… Do not take this as any sort of criticism… I know you are teaching young White Males and I love it ! If you ever want to go directly after the brain dead football watching Grampas just let me know. I would love to rip their ass apart in a 3 minute blast with no holds barred and a little kindly advice at the end to soften the ass kicking……………… Old Sarge…


  29. Next comment on PTD 30 program, 30Min. 12 Seconds… I agree that people who learn and benefit from your show should donate. I am a few weeks behind and will rectify this ASAP. I am working late tonight and swilling beer in my shop. My wife wisely and with my permission, hides my wallet and keys when I have beer. LOL

    Come on you cheap bastards who never help out! Would it be too much for you to send at least a kind letter and a few bucks??? INSTRUCTIONS FOLLOW… ” Dear PTD, thanks for trying to make me into a Real Man. Here is 3 dollars since I am still a weak loser. I gave up one whole beer to be a manly stud and help out!!! Please erect a statue in honor of my sacrifice in my home town.

    Yours truly, Loserman


  30. PTD 30, comment. Last 10 Minutes mentioning White Nationalist beliefs and behavior. I am a White nationalist and I make sure people know what it means when I tell them.

    A White Nationalist hates no one for what they are born as…. He hates dysgenic people for what THEY DO to a nation with crime, violence and sub human behavior which is a notable common behavior.

    I tell everyone who looks funny at me when I declare I am a WN that it is easy and natural. You just have to love your culture, history, heritage and people… You don’t have to hate anybody because you should be busy learning the True History of what White people have given to the world.


  31. Pretty funny shit there Sarge! Appreciate the feedback and will consider your offer of smacking around these older folks out there brother! Lol


    • Your latest video of Trump supporters gave me hope and a big smile… Cool, here is a few more bucks. You earned it by providing something of worth and value.

      You made me smile and have more hope for the survival of our founding fathers aspirations… They were very clear about Who this nation was built for in their founding documents… White People… Our ancestors never questioned the idea of a White classless society that rewarded achievement above social standing… Our ancestors did it and changed the world…


      • Yes they did, and it would be ashame for us to piss on their legacy… I sure as fuck won’t do it. You sure as fuck won’t do it, nor will anyone in the PTD Radio Club or anyone that visits this site on a regular basis!


  32. Anyone that shits on our history and just counts on a collapse or some mad max shit is fuckin insane. We need to take back our institutions that we created, at least the ones that are salvageable, and stop praying for this fantasy of dooms day. It ain’t coming, get off your ass and get involved people.


    • This is why history is vital. Not just WWII history like these freakish morons obsess over but going back to antiquity, and digging into our ancient history is vitally important.


  33. Please explain your logo. I am listening to you on Red Ice and I live in NJ and you have my attention BUT the logo looks Masonic which I do not like. I am drawn but I am careful. Please explain. By the way, I do HIIT workouts and I don’t need a gym and I agree exercise “confusion” is key. Also diet. But that’s an aside. Before I point you out to my now adult kids (who would naturally be drawn), I am not a cultist, and believe me, they (cultists) are liars and they are out in droves and so I need to know.


    • No whacky cult shit here. No Masonic non-sense. It’s the Valknut, I’m part Scandinavian. My heritage!

      Also known as: Hrungnir’s heart, heart of the slain, Heart of Vala, borromean triangles

      The emblem at left found on old Norse stone carvings and funerary stelés, is sometimes called “Hrungnir’s heart,” after the legendary giant of the Eddas. It is best known as the Valknut, or “knot of the slain,” and it has been found on stone carvings as a funerary motif, where it probably signified the afterlife. The emblem is often found in art depicting the God Odin, where it may represent the gods power over death. Some versions of the valknut can be drawn unicursally (in one stroke), making it a popular talisman of protection against spirits.

      The Valknut’s three interlocking shapes are suggestive of related Celtic symbols of motherhood and rebirth- it may have been a goddess symbol at some point in history. The nine points suggest rebirth, pregnancy, and cycles of reincarnation. The number nine also suggestive of the Nine Worlds (and the nine fates) of Norse mythology. Their interwoven shape suggests the belief of the inter-relatedness of the three realms of earth, hel, and the heavens, and the nine domains they encompass.

      The symbol’s nine points have an obvious correlation with childbirth; the placement of the symbol on funeral monuments mark it as a sign of rebirth of reincarnation. The Valknut is also an important symbol to many followers of the Asatru religion, who often wear it as a symbol of the faith. A variation called an “open” valknut, due to the looser, non-unicursal design:

      Another, less common version of the Valknut, called a triceps, resembles a cut-away triangle, or a triangle formed of three diamonds (three ‘othala’ runes interwoven):

      The triceps was used into the middle ages as a magical sign of protection. The othala rune signifies the home and one’s ancestors.


  34. I am intrigued by the “Valknut” ideology. I have never heard of this before! The name sounds Northern European. Just send me a website address where I can learn more if you have time. I am wide open to a different alternative to judeo Christianity, which I found problematic and dysfunctional in the last 6 years or so.

    Right now I follow the 14 Words and 88 precepts of David Lane. This has been a long and difficult struggle to throw off the curse of judeo Christianity, a slave morality guaranteed to result in White genocide and the extinction of our race. Old School Christianity used to be more muscular and robust before it became judeo Christianity. I deliberately did NOT capitalize ‘judeo’… Thanks Brother.


  35. Hey Rich,

    I’ve been lifting weights for almost three years but really only the past year I’ve gotten very disciplined about it and have seen dramatic results.
    I know that you don’t like cardio and running specifically but I’m trying to pass a police department physical and one of the requirements is a timed 1.5 mile run. How best could I train for that without burning up all my hard earned muscle mass?


  36. Some of your ideas are reasonable food for thought. One thing, though: drop the profanity in your podcasts. It is classless and screams “Jersey punk.” I’ve met a lot of fake tough guys from Jersey and I doubt you want to be stereotyped as one.


    • Appreciate your feedback and concern, but just as a curiosity, what do you know about putting on an entertaining and informative podcast for men? How many members, not followers, but members do you have?

      This isn’t a site and a show for old ladies and boys on their periods.

      If language offends you, maybe you should go hang out on another site.

      You’re not a member here anyway, which begs the question, why the concern?

      And btw I’ve met a lot of fake tough guys that weren’t from Jersey.


      • Your defensiveness isn’t very “manly.” I happened across your site, took interest, and offered constructive feedback. You begin by saying you “appreciate” it, then prove you don’t appreciate it at all by suggesting that people who dislike crass profanity are old ladies or boys on their periods (?!). Punctuating your observations with “shit” and “fuck” doesn’t make you tough or more of a man. To the contrary, it exhibits a lack of class, personal integrity and general respect for others. Most REAL men don’t receive such verbiage with offense as much as dismissiveness. Do you want to be taken seriously? Clean it up. Show some class.


  37. There was no defensiveness in my tone. You obviously haven’t followed my show for very long. This is not a radio show for dickless intellectual book pumpers or childless pseudo intellectuals covering conspiracies, chasing down the Joo, or doing the news. This is a show for men. If you can’t handle a little colorful language, on a show geared towards issues of importance to men, young men in particular, then go listen to something that’s more your speed. This obviously isn’t for you.

    That’s fine.

    The fact is, that we’ve tried your approach for decades of putting out soft radio shows that motivate no one and demoralize everyone! Nearly every other show I listen to, quite frankly is filled with lame, boring, slow, humorless, mundane garbage. There’s a reason people come here, and sign up for a membership. And it’s not because I do shows that they can get anywhere else. It’s because I do shows that they CAN’T get anywhere else.

    I’m a highly educated man, a business man with advanced degrees. Not many can spar with me verbally. I’ve offended many, yet to my knowledge no one has challenged me to a debate on the issues. The fact is, that if I wanted to do an intellectually based show I could, but I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than put out what everyone else puts out. I’d bore myself to death. And that’s not what the men, along with a few women, came here for.

    Why you get the impression that I’m “trying” to be “tough” I have no idea? This is how I talk with other men, friends, associates, businesses partners, and brothers. This isn’t an “act” it’s how I talk and how I inject a little bit of life into conversations. I’ve done hundreds of radio shows. If the only thing you leave with is: “this guy curses a little.” Then I don’t know what else to tell you?

    Finally, understand the target audience here. I’m not appealing to the “leave it to beaver” boomers out there, or the retirees living on social security. They don’t fit the mold. Hope you can better understand now.


  38. As a retired career military man I can confidently state that the no bullshit, tell it like it is style of PTD is EXACTLY what the pussified and beaten down young White men need to hear…

    So “Go Take a Flying Fuck at a Rolling Donut” Gridgod. The time for being genteel and using euphemisms and soft ambiguous crooning is over. Gridgod??? Really??? You’re what, 12 years physically or intellectually? I’m not giving you hell, I’m just telling the truth and you Think It’s Hell…


  39. tygisleson // March 29, 2016 at 2:45 pm // Reply

    My T-shirt size is medium and my address is
    21 Conlin Rd. Oxford MA 01540
    Thanks one Tree God T please!

    Tyler Gisleson


  40. Can non-whites be members or is this website only for whites? I agree with everything you say, but I’m not white.


  41. Gentlemen – my given passwords are not working. Am I doing something wrong?


  42. Colton Mead // April 19, 2016 at 8:32 am // Reply

    Hey, I haven’t forgot about what you told me to do. I just got my first real job last weekend and got paid. I’m plan on joining the Resurgence Media as soon as I’m able to sir. I cannot wait to be apart of something this good.


  43. Hi, i just became a member, how do i login? How do i get my password?


  44. hi, i just donated 25 us dollers and i want too know how i log in.



  45. Dwight Dexter // June 14, 2016 at 1:26 pm // Reply

    Hello Rich, Old Sarge here. I always download podcasts so I can put them on my MP3 and listen while I drive, work around the house and so forth. Listening at my computer sucks and is uncomfortable. Why are some shows downloadable but most are not? Is it an issue of scum bags pirating your work? Keep slugging away Rich. What you do really does matter.


    • they are all up on the resurgence page Sarge.

      Give me your email and I’ll resend you the password to login to my private resurgence page.


  46. Could you check to see if the link to the MP3 Download for PTD #54 is working? Not working for me. The text is there but it’s not a link. Thanks!


  47. Anyway to get mp3 downloads on the last two “New Nationalist Revolt”s and the last “PTD Wild West”. There are no MP3 Download links for them. Thanks!!!


  48. Jeremy Gould // July 1, 2016 at 12:21 am // Reply

    I would like to become a member.


  49. Dwight Dexter // July 29, 2016 at 11:31 pm // Reply

    Rich, you screwed the pooch when you trashed Ronald Reagan… When RR came to office the best interest rate you could get on a home loan, with good credit and a 10% down payment was 14-15%. Do the math and you can see that a home loans were completely out of sight. Inflation was galloping along at over 14% a year. The Cucks after President Nixon only made things worse and worse. Have you ever had to wait in line for hours, for gas on your odd or even day according to the last digit on your car plate? Have you ever been shamed and humiliated because all the grocery prices jumped up 10% in a two week period and your wife is crying in the commissary because GD paper towels are out of the budget in spite of the fact that the wife works and I was doing custom car and motorcycle painting and mechanical repairs to the tune of about 20 Hours a week in addition to my military duties on a strategic nuclear missile base in bum fuck Montana… RR put a quick stop to that shit. He made us proud to be Americans again and whipped inflation like it was a back alley whore…

    Something you may not know is that RR was far more wounded and permanently disabled after being shot than the lying media told us about. I only found it out a few years ago. A lot of things are now in sharp focus and they make a lot more sense…

    I have mentioned less than 10% of your uninformed beliefs about that time in history. Ditto the JEW lies that you have swallowed whole hog, just like I swallowed them at the time… Do you even know WHY the Arab oil embargo of the 70’s happened and what devastating effects it had??? I freely admit that I have been cucked and info fucked for most of my life news wise, but you really fucked up among the people over 60 years old and their children who remember the shitty eight years before RR. I’m old, but not a crybaby faggot. I like you and I will continue to support and trumpet your many virtues. Hail Victory Comrade… “Idaho Is, what America once Was”… Unofficial Idaho State Motto for many decades…


    • @Dwight Dexter
      Yeah I went through all that shit, the ’75 oil shock was retaliation for operation Nickel Grass, ’79 was Iranian revolution and British Petroleum’s hoarding, breaking delivery contracts, and tankers kept offshore on both coasts resulting in the oil windfall.
      interest rates and inflation were strictly as always in the Fed’s hands and stagflation effects of Nixon shock.
      Reagan campaigned on North America free trade Clinton may have signed NAFTA but it was Reagan who started it all, open borders, illegal immigration, and caved in to terrorism resulting in illegally supplied weapons to both Iran, Iraq.
      Reagan’s illegal weapons to Nicaragua exacerbated and supercharged the drug flow into America, resulting in the cocaine/crack epidemic, rise in youth gangs in the big cities.
      Oil fell from $40 a barrel in ’80 to a low of $10 or $12 due to the Iran/Iraq war breaking Opec.
      The economy picked up with fall of oil prices but didn’t reach the working class till his 6th year due to his record spending, deficits and his trade policies resulting in de-industrialization (rust belting).
      Ronny Raygun armed and supported the Mujahideen rebels in Afghanistan.
      Ronny was a great actor and cheerleader, but acting and cheer-leading don’t put bread on the middle class and working class tables.
      Under Reagan’s watch, the junk bond, destruction of corporate structure (they became all about stock price abandoning stock yields through earnings, PE ratios went lopsided as did management to worker salaries ) and the savings and loans swindle (increased deposit insurance while at same time reduced oversight) which was just as big as the wall street bailout.
      Ronny Raygun’s so-called deregulation was the impetus that caused the great amalgamation of media into fewer and fewer hands.

      But he looked and sounded great on TV as a reassuring grandfather just as JFK was a energetic maverick sounding heart throb on TV while in real life neither accomplished anything worthwhile nor worked (is entertainment really a value added industry?) created a single private sector job.

      Time to turn off all that media hype and put real men at the helm like we did prior to the 1900’s and 2000’s.
      Oh and by the way, it was the cheap trick of changing the home down payment (expanding the welfare state with loan insurance schemes) from 25% down to 10% that like all bubbles was the true start of chronic cyclical housing (too many unqualified borrowers) speculation and busts.


  50. Dwight Dexter // July 31, 2016 at 2:30 am // Reply

    Your view on economics may all be factual and 100% true, but the from a military perspective and a Fed Up Civilian perspective hear me out…

    Remember the speech by Jimmy Carter, his famous “Malaise Speech” where he blamed all his economic failures and all his military fuck ups that humiliated US and got lots of GI’s killed by his dopey micromanagement of operational procedures… Do you remember that EVERY plan that Idiot had on the Iran hostage crisis and other military interventions were disgraceful failures and Carter blamed it ALL on a poor attitude of the American people? Carter was dour, pessimistic, incompetent. He blamed us for all his failures at home and abroad. We were beaten down, depressed and he called us failures!!! We were heading down, down, down. Do you remember that Iran capitulated and released our American hostages once RR took office? Maybe Iran knew something about RR than you give him credit for…

    We needed a Cheerleader, not a dour blame shifting incompetent who failed on nearly everything he touched… Trash RR all you want but he made US proud and optimistic! THAT WAS WHAT WE NEEDED AT THAT TIME AND IT WORKED !!! Every One of Reagans military incursions were short, productive, successful and added to our world stature. We kicked ass, took names and got back our pride and respect throughout the world. We beat inflation, had a positive attitude and unwound many years of failure and humiliation. We got our pride back and that was the key to success. Even if it was a chimera, it worked dammit !!! Hear this and never forget it. “Results count, Everything else is bullshit”. In all conflicts the morale, confidence and the fighting spirit determine the outcome 90% of the time… Results Matter, everything else is Bullshit! Say this ten times in a row… We loved him because he made us proud again. If you lost money in the phony stock market by trying to make money by financial manipulation instead of producing something of tangible worth and value then I have no pity for you…

    From 1974 to 1984 I was servicing and maintaining our strategic and tactical nuclear weapons in Montana and Europe. I had access to intel that was sometimes heart stopping and sometimes hilarious. My security clearance was TS, SCI and some other damn acronym I can’t remember right now. The translations of USSR Intel we read were sometimes frightening and sometimes hilarious. To keep our attention and entertain us they sometimes gave us literal translations. Word for word in the exact order of Russian language which of course could be misleading and outrageously silly at times… “Hello, pig dog capitalist oppressor” was a phrase we repeated in the hallways and at the “Assigned smoking areas” later after RR was gone and the feminist bitchy cunts started ruling the military. Some of those cunts were biologically male officers who differed not from the actual cunts in any real way that mattered… I got the hell out and retired in 1994 at 20 years service due to the Clinton’s obvious hatred of normal middle class White Males. I hated the Jew communist government but I loved the Russian people as a race and culture. I am not very religious but I prayed often during nuclear war games that it was just a drill… Sac IG was so damn good we often had no idea if it was an inspection or the real deal for 3-4 hours. That was when I prayed for the sake of both of us on bended knee and with many lamentations…

    I could have stayed in the USAF longer and been more financially secure with a bigger retirement… One day I hollered about what a fuck stick Clinton was and stormed out to the Consolidated Personnel Office, {CBPO} slamming the gate behind me, to file my retirement papers… When I came back to my work center 2-3 hours later a lookout was watching for me and alerted the rest of our Squadron. He delayed opening the gate for a bit. When I went into the compound every swinging dick NCO was out on the dock and shaking my hand…

    I had to sign about 50 forms to retire. I asked CBPO about the NON-Essential retirement forms… I put a “Red Line” through Clinton’s name and ‘Ronald Regan’ was written in and signed by me… My fellow NCO’s went nuts when I showed them my “Red Lined” forms… They thought I would screw up the paperwork and cause delays… Duh, I actually asked the CBPO people what I could get away with on this form of defiance and they were more than happy to help me out and spread the word of my disgust and defiance… I was just an average senior NCO, but on this day I was a hero and they gave me a great retirement party. Ronald Reagan whipped 8 years of inflation and the abysmal morale of our country… Call it fake if you want but it worked…

    If you relied on making “Investments” that produce nothing of tangible worth and value and you lost money, Tough shit. Produce or Perish you parasites…. Hey, invest all your money with Bernie Madoff and all of his co-religionists. He made a lot of money for the early investors. Timing is everything,,, Tangible useful products are the province of losers and chumps who are not members of the tribe. Produce nothing and make billions of bucks out of thin air…. Yes, that is the way to achievement and status in our hagridden jew society…

    Your false flags don’t work anymore… We are awake.


  51. Hi Rich. Just subscribed to Resurgence Media.
    When will I get my password?


  52. Dwight Dexter // August 7, 2016 at 10:59 pm // Reply

    Great presidents in the 1900’s and 2000’s??? Name them, or was that a typo error?


  53. Dwight Dexter // August 8, 2016 at 12:17 am // Reply

    Where is the previous caustic reply from Northpal I just replied to about the great Jew hagridden presidents of the 1900’s and 2000’s who were so much more effective than Ronald Reagan!!! I want names and accomplishments. Who was the last president who killed the Jewish owned central bank. Hint, it was well before 1900… I’m done arguing. If you weren’t in the military in the 70’s and 80’s and were hated, despised and physically attacked from time to time, then we have no common ground of reference or boots on the ground reality. Ya just had to be there as a young married man who wanted to secure a future for the wife and kids. RR whipped rampant inflation and no honest young adults at the time could repudiate that. After RR whipped inflation I was able to afford flight lessons and get my pilots license… I celebrated by taking 30 days leave and flying from Biloxi MS to my family in Washington state and taking family and friends on flights to the recently exploded Mt. Saint Helens in 1982. Hey RR made us feel proud again and confident again… By the way, President Carter gave the military larger cost of living increases in his tenure and RR gave us less. We cared not one bit because RR WHIPPED INFLATION AND MADE US PROUD TO BE WASP WHITE MILITARY MALES AGAIN. We could at last plan a future and have some hope… We had our pride and confidence back. How many Jew dollars is that worth?????


  54. This site sure attacks blacks and other minorities hard but why do you hardly, if ever, go after the real root of our problems…the JEWS! Are they not to be discussed on this site least when it comes to their MAJOR contributions towards the ruination of world peace????


    • We are, and have been for decades, the sole cause of our own problems.

      Keep playing that weak white male victim card. We don’t do that shit here!


  55. Hello Resurgence Media.

    I am a journalist in Cape Town, South Africa, and have written a feature that I think is right up your alley. To whom may I send the pitch?

    Thank you.


  56. Dwight Dexter // November 26, 2016 at 2:55 am // Reply

    Hello Richard. I have had a hard time reaching you for many months… I admit that I am internet stupid and slow to pick on changes in internet protocol, pass word changes etc. Did my auto pay account for a $30 per month donation fail? I certainly support your fine work. I have Many donations going out each month and I just pay the bills. I should be more diligent to track my auto pay accounts, but they are spread over several credit/ debit cards and I simply do not track them as I should. Every time a debit card or credit card expires the auto pay arrangements have to be manually renewed. This can result in payment lapses unless you bitch and fuss like any other debtor. You know how outspoken I am and I piss people off… If I deliberately cut off donations I would tell you straight up, tell the reason why, and give you a chance to defend your position… I’m old school and I Never deal in subtle hints, Never Ever… I always give a fair hearing to anyone telling me I’m being a jackass. Ask my wife.. Love Ya Rich.


  57. Youtube-never call out
    Ric flair

    Yo Rich, get past the fake wwf bs. Of course its bs.

    The point was CONFIDENCE.

    The countless hours YOU have spent lifting wieghts..x years, was for one reason…
    So You could feel it and make sure anybody around you could see it.

    I havent watched tv in 4 years.
    I havnt watched wwf in over 25 years. Its some satanic bs now.

    But when i was a kid that shit was fucking halarious.

    I get fired up when i see someone get in someones face.
    Like most of us.

    I watch alot of drill instructor clips on youtube.

    I agree with you Rich…Power through discipline.

    Im suggesting to also harness the power of anger and confidence.



  58. paypal not working


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