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Recommended Movies and Documentaries for Educational & Entertainment Purposes. No reason to waste $$$ on cable or netflix or the theaters when you can literary find hundreds of thousands of great videos online.


Recommended Movies

Godfather Part.1

Godfather Part.2



Donnie Brasco 


Carlitos Way 


A Bronx Tale

On the Waterfront 

Mean Streets


The Untouchables

The Sopranos (Series)

Fargo (Movie)

Fargo (Series)

Game of Thrones (Series)

The Dark Knight

The Town

The Departed

Black Mass 

The Iceman 

Gran Torino

Point Break 

Wall Street

Assault on Wall Street

Secret Window

No Country for Old Men 


Bourne Identity 

Bourne Supremacy

Bourne Ultimatum 



The Patriot

Gangs of New York 

The Outlaw Josey Wales

The Quiet Man

Ancient History

Solutreans (the Clovis People) Are Indigenous Americans

Lost Civilization of Atlantis

Ancient White Mummies in China

Ancient Vikings in America

History of the Greek Empire: Documentary on Ancient Greece

Alexander the Great – History Channel Documentary

The Spartans – Ancient Black Ops

Battle of Thermopylae This is SPARTA!

The Rise of the Roman Empire

Ancient Romans – Masters of Advanced Technology

Buildings and Roads of the Roman Empire

Julius Caesar & the Roman Empire

Roman Emperor Caligula: 1400 Days of Terror

Nero One of History’s Cruelest & Murderous Emperors

Hannibal: Rome’s Worst Nightmare

Germania: The Battle Against Rome

The Huns

Attila the Hun

The Goths

The Vandals

The Lombards

The Germanic Tribes

Indus Valley Civilization

The Philistines

The Mycenaeans and Phoenicians

The Minoan Civilization

The Hittite Empire

Bronze Age Collapse Sea People

History of Ancient Egypt

Mystery Of Civilization in the Arabian Peninsula

History of the Persian Empire

Cyrus the Great


World History

World War I Documentary

World War II Documentary

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told

The Golden Age of Piracy Terror at Sea Documentary

History of the Ottoman Empire

The Rise Of Mongol Empire

Genghis Khan – The Great Khan & Great Destroyer

The Mongol Empire under Kublai Khan

The Bubonic Plague 

Mayan Civilization

Aztec Civilization

The Inca Empire


American History

The American Revolution (PART.1)

The American Revolution (PART.2)

The War of 1812 Documentary

The American Civil War Full Documentary

Eighty Acres Of Hell Full The American Civil War

Battle Of Gettysburg | Civil War Documentary

The Transcontinental Railroad

American Gold Rush History

Bridges Of New York City Full Documentary

The American Revolution (PART.1)

The American Revolution (PART.2)

The War of 1812 Documentary

Amazing Secrets about New York City

History of New York: A Documentary Film

Korean War in Color (Documentary)

Vietnam War Told by the People Who Fought It

European History

A History of Russia (Tsars and Revolutions)

Ivan The Terrible – Full Documentary

Castles: The Magnificence Of the Medieval Era

The Hapsburg Empire – Under the Double Headed Eagle

The French Revolution History Channel

History of the British Empire

The Anglo Saxon Invasion – History of Britain

The Saxons

The Real Dracula – Vlad The Impaler

Secrets of the Knights Templar

The Normans. Men from the North

The History of the Franks

The Battle of Tours

The Dark Ages: Life, War and Death

Medieval Apocalypse in Europe: The Black Death

The Dark Age Renaissance of Northern Europe

History of the Renaissance 

History Documentary The Crusades

The Third Crusade: Saladin & Richard the Lionheart

Ancient Norse Vikings | History Documentary

The Real Vikings | History Documentary

Norse Vikings and Scottish Highlanders

Ancient Black Ops – The Viking Berserkers

Great Ships – The Viking Ships

The Battle of Agincourt – Bloodiest Battle of the Medieval Ages


Science & Technology

Understanding the Universe

New Discovery of the Universe

Documentary on the Moon

How the Earth was Made

Earth Under Water

Worlds Most Dangerous Sea Creatures

Pre-Historic Monsters

Sky Monsters

Modern Wonders of the World

Megastructures – Science of Concrete

Top Secret Places in the World

How Gold is Formed

How Silver is Formed

Mysteries of Antarctica

What is the Consciousness?

The Human Mind – Get Smart

Secrets of The Human Brain

Memory in the Brain

How to Fix It

How to Change Your Oil

How to Replace an Alternator

How to Replace Brake Pads and Rotors

How To Replace a Kitchen Sink

How Install an Electric Outlet

How To Replace An Old Electrical Outlet

Supernatural & Futuristic

The World In 2050 [Future Of Earth]

Secrets of the Cosmos

Forbidden Science

Extraterrestrial Technology

Ancient Giants

Ancient Giants Myths

Alien & UFO Bases

UFO Evidence

Rightwing or Racial Documentaries

A Conversation About Race

Things We Wont Say About Race That Are True

An Honest Conversation About Race with Jared Taylor

Gangs and Organized Crime

The Gangs of New York

Italian Mob Documentary

The Mafia Mob Hitmen

The Iceman – Mind Of A Mafia Hitman

Real Life Goodfella – Henry Hill

Lucchese Crime Family

Mobster Joe Bonanno

Operation Donnie Brasco

Dominick “Sonny Black” Napolitano

The Gambino Crime Family

The Irish Mafia : The Oldest Gang In USA

South Boston Irish Mobsters

Al Capone: Scarface

The Indian (India) Mafia

The Chinese Mafia

The Columbia Mafia

Pablo Escobar – King Of Coke

Los Zetas Cartel

MS-13 – Root Of All Evil

El Chapo: CEO of Crime

West Coast Biker Wars

The Hells Angels

The Outlaws

The Pagans

The Mongols

One Percenters

The Sons of Silence

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