PTD Wild West

Tyler the Titan: a “Mass-hole”(Massachusetts Native) who recently moved West.

Growing up in the leftist hell pit called Massachusetts Tyler became disillusioned at a young age at the failings of our current system, he saw right through the bullshit of the public schools and became a rebel early on. In desperate need of strong male role models he went wild searching for meaning in life through Heavy Metal, drugs, booze, and fast women.

The madness went on unabated for years with some light in the darkness, Tyler (the high school dropout) took to an interest in philosophy and poetry and would spend long nights reading. In a lonely and cold world the written words of great men who came before (along with the Jack Daniels) kept a spark of fire alive in that young man.

After the anguish of many broken hearts and bad trips, a turning point came when his younger brother enlisted in the Marines and was sent to war.

His bond with his brother grew to new levels through letters sent during boot camp and then Iraq. This is when he began to see the light that he had more to live for than just his own selfish whims.

The inspiration he felt at the manly challenges his “little” brother now undertook combined with the fear and desperation that he could lose his kin to this war turned that tiny spark that kept him alive into a blazing inferno. By sheer will he pulled himself away from his addictions and started lashing out against his demons through physical training, shadow boxing ferociously, push-ups, sit-ups, running, anything that his limited knowledge base could arrive at.

Physical training went on religiously and seemed to strengthen the very core of his being.

After three tours on the front lines in the Iraq war his brother came home safe with many stories to tell.

Tyler’s path to manhood continued doing hard physical labor in factories, and training in various martial arts over the years, he also continued his search for knowledge and understanding and has since studied deeply in the areas of Natural Health, Ayurveda, TCM, the Occult, History, Philosophy. He has since been a certified fitness coach (TACFIT), a nutritional supplement and herbal consultant, a “body-work therapist” for an Ayurvedic health spa, and an inspiration to his family and community in the areas of health and wellness.

…But Tyler’s eclectic and eccentric interests would lead him down another darkening and harrowing path: when he discovered the works of conspiracy giants like Alex Jones, David Ike and David Duk*#%@$&”!?!?!$€¥!?

[Alright! Alright! Let’s wrap it up here narrator for Fuck’s Sakes! Let’s skip the “conspiratard” and Boogeyman chasing era, and get right to the happy Fucking ending already!!!]

Umm..(ahem)…Alright then…
In the end Tyler stopped blaming outside forces, and parts of life he had no control over and went back to his healthy and realistic roots, focused on personal responsibility and grassroots political action and overall wellbeing.

The message of “Power Through Discipline” struck a deep chord, and reverberates strongly today.

“Take a break narrator!…This is Tyler, my contribution to the “Resurgence Media Network” is called “PTD Wild West” my vision for this show is to offer the ‘big-boy pants of talk radio’ where I draw from my exotic account of life experiences and knowledge, and take ‘hard line’ positions on, and solutions for, the quagmire that is the modern world.

Like all the guys at Resurgence my main focus is in striking at the heart of our problems by attacking “Enemy #1” (the weak white male).
My goal is to personally become the kind of strong male role model that I needed growing up, and to assist other men in achieving that as well.

PTD Wild West is my way of injecting a shot of testosterone into our society every week, with real talk and practical advice for MEN.

The West was won by REAL MEN, I’m here to make sure it’s not lost by weak men.

I’m currently enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine [NASM] and am looking forward to whipping a bunch of these soft, bird-chested, pathetic western men into fighting shape. And seeking out the hardened outdoorsmen types whom
haven’t yet given up their manly ways to join us here at the “Manly Media Revolution” RESURGENCE MEDIA NETWORK.”


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